What Is Truth?

Pontius Pilatus (Pilate) asked this question of Jesus in (John 18:38). Jesus was speaking to the disciples when in (John 14:6) He told them: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Without Jesus – the name means salvation– no one can come to the Father.

“Truth: 1. quality, or state of being true; hence fidelity; constancy. Veracity; sincerity; genuineness. Agreement with that which is represented; correspondence to reality; conformity to rule, exactness, correctness. 2. That which is true; that which conforms to fact and reality; that which is or is characterized by being in accord with what is, has been, or must be; as to seek the truth. 3. Christian Science. A synonym for God.” (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, second edition, copyright, 1960)

The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible says, “Truth - that which agrees with final reality.”(under section - Universal Subject GuideTo The Bible, p. 205)

Since real truth can only be ascertained from the Bible, this is where we need to start and stay. The above definitions are given for comparison. One can already see that even the secular world has, at least in part, the biblical definition at its core. The word “reality” and its subsequent meaning, is the binder between the secular and the biblical definitions. To the secular person truth is solely what he/she can observe, hear or touch. To the truly born-again biblical believer this is also the case, but with a rider. This rider attached to the mere physical world of seeing, hearing, and touching is the world of the spirit. II Corinthians 4:18 declares, “While we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal.” This is saying that there is that which we cannot see physically, but exists even more than what we can see, hear, and touch because the things that are physical only exist for a relatively short time, like our bodies. After birth, the body only lives for about 70-80 years all things being equal; however, the spirit, the part we cannot physically see, hear or touch is forever and because of that, infinitely more real. The Bible teaches that true reality is not partial but everlasting. Human life is also real, but only in the confines of this space- time dimension. (See article “What Am I Doing Here?” for an explanation of time and the physical universe.)

Probably the most important concept to understand in all this is the fact that there is truth, as in the reality about or concerning some aspect of our everyday doings – as in, our work as well as our play. This is one side. The other side presents the fact that there is “THE TRUTH” period. This speaks of the fact that the God of the Bible is the only true and living God, Creator of the universe and all that is in it. This truth was no big deal to Adam and Eve until Satan, who is the devil, or the deceiver, came and put doubt in Eve’s mind by telling her that she could be just like God. What she had to do to find out was to disobey the Lord God. When she and Adam disobeyed, they found the temptation to be exactly what all temptations are – lies. The real issue in the world today, concerning all the problems of: terrorism, fraud of all kinds, hatred among men which is growing like mad right under the noses of those who would like for us to believe that unity among men is growing, is the realization that what we are dealing with is nothing less that the fight between THE TRUTH vs. THE LIE. The short answer is that God says He is the only God and there is no one and nothing like Him. (Isaiah 43:3, 11; 44:6b, 8b; 45:5, 6; 46:9)  Please, for your own edification, look up these Isaiah Scriptures and read for yourself what God says about Himself.

Satan had to twist the TRUTH, and thus create a lie, to attempt to get man’s worship and adoration. This is what’s playing out in the world today. All the reasons people give for not believing God’s Word are included in the fact that Satan was able to make truth seem wispy, flighty, some-how not real and concrete. This is why we have individual’s claiming that truth can’t be known, is relative, and is not an absolute. God’s Word, the Bible, makes clear that this is not the case. The question is, what or whom will you believe?

It’s your choice. You can believe Satan and his world system, though not recommended, or you can believe the biblical God, very highly recommended.

What’s wrong with the Ten Commandments? What’s wrong with clean living? What’s wrong with obeying the true God who not only has truth but IS TRUTH? (John 14:6) What’s wrong with, upon believing the gospel, we have assurance by the TRUTH that we won’t suffer eternally in the Lake of Fire? The Lake of Fire is where all unbelievers and haters of God end up, even though it was originally created for the devil and his angels. (Matt 25:41) If someone makes Satan their god, they share the same fate as him. God’s justice has no choice but to allow this action for haters of truth because He has to protect the lovers of truth. Our free will makes this decision of where we’ll end up, not God or the devil.

The word “truth” is mentioned in the King James Version of the Bible some 333 times with some derivatives. The Bible says,

 “Buy the truth and sell it not” – Proverbs 23:23; 

“thy law is the truth” – Psalm 119:142; 

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” – John 8:32;

“begat he us with the word of truth” – James 1:18; and in John chapter 17 (which is the real “Lord’s Prayer”) verse 17, Jesus Himself prayed to the Father on our behalf, and proclaimed,  

“Thy Word is truth!