What Am I Doing Here?

What are we doing here?  One day we’re born and we go through this thing called life.  If we don’t get hit by a Mack truck and get smashed, die of disease,  or get killed and die some other premature way, we get to stay here for about 70 to 90 years, give or take a few. 

To put it simply, we’re given a chance in this life (a specified amount of time) to recognize our Creator God and to make a choice to believe and trust Him for what He said in His book, the Bible, concerning our earthly life and that life which is to come.

It seems best at this point to explain something about time.  Time can be understood in at least two major ways.  The Greeks have a different expression for each kind which helps us to understand more of what we call time here on earth and what time means in heaven.

One expression which is used in Greek is kairos.  This refers to the space-time dimension with which we are all familiar; the word actually means going around like the planets orbit around the sun.  We also get the word gyroscope from this Greek expression.  Man was able to divide time right from the get-go.  Genesis 1: 14-18 tells us that the “lights” in the firmament were for the purpose of dividing the day from the night, and they were to be used to calculate the times and seasons and for days and years.   Thus we have instructions from God to divide what we call “time.”

Kairos is time in the way we are all familiar with;  that is, dealing with seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia and light years.  In these ways, time is also related to speed. Races of all kinds are “timed” in fractions of seconds, minutes, hours, and days. Space travel is calculated in light years.  In kairos there is a definite beginning and a definite end, the very thing God has allowed us to discover through what we call quantum physics or math.  Any and all so-called human discoveries or advances have been ordained by the LORD in progressive fashion.  There was no need for quantum-type thinking before the computer age.  God will let us run until we run out of the proverbial rope.

One good example of the concept of time that we’re familiar with here on earth is watching a parade flowing from right to left.  As we sit on the bleachers, we are able to see the first float, the second, and so on pass by.  In this scenario we’ll randomly pick 10 floats to watch, and we’ll assume that the flow goes from right to left.   As float #6 comes into view, we decide that we want to see the first float again.  What do we have to do?  Remember, the flow is from right to left; so, on our right we see a new float just coming into view, and on the left, about to disappear,  we see the float that has already gone by our position. In other words, from where we’re sitting, we can see about three floats on our right and left simultaneously before they vanish on our left and a new one comes into view on our right.

To see float #1 again, we have to go forward into the past, which in our scenario is to the left, whereas if we want to see float #10 early, before it breaks into view on our right, we have to go back into the future.  This is the concept that was used for the hit movie Back to the Future, starring Michael J. Fox.

As time went on, man was able to divide time more and more, until now with the help of quantum physics we have reached the point of dividing time and space to a place where we’ve  actually come to an end.  According to Dr. Chuck Missler, “The startling discovery of 20th century science was that our universe… had a beginning.” (Personal Update; Quantum teleporting: Part , p.12)

 This is talking about our macro boundary.  The piece goes on to state: “…From thermodynamic considerations, it also appears that all processes in the universe inevitably contribute their losses from their inefficiencies to the ambient temperature, and thus the universe ultimately will attain a uniform temperature in which no work – all  of which derives from temperature differences – will occur.  Scientists call this final ultimate physical destiny the 'Heat Death.'

“Mankind, therefore, finds itself caught in a finite interval between the singularity that began it all and its inevitable termination.  The mathematical concept of infinity – in any spatial direction or in terms of time – seems astonishingly absent in the macrocosm, the domain of the astronomers and cosmologists.  

“In the microscopic domain, there appears to be an even more astonishing boundary to smallness.  If we take a segment of length, we can divide it in half.  We can take one of the remaining halves, and we can divide it in half again.  We naturally assume that this can go on forever.  We assume no matter how small a length we end up dealing with, we can always --at least conceptually--divide any remainder in half.  It turns out that this is not true.  There is a length, known as the Planck length, 10 to the minus 33 centimeters, that is indivisible.  

"The same thing is true of mass, energy, and even time.  There is a unit of time which cannot be further divided: 10 to the minus 43 seconds….

"The startling discoveries made by the quantum physicists is that if you break matter into smaller and smaller pieces,  you eventually reach a point where those pieces -- electrons, protons, etc. -- no longer possess the traits of objects. ….Physicists have found that they literally possess no dimension. They call this non-locality.”   (quoted in, Condemned To Hell; Why Intelligent Men believe and Follow Doctrines of Demons, Walt Hartwich p. 38, 39, Insight Publishing)

What this amounts to is that it looks like our physical reality is but a subject of a larger hyperspace we call the spiritual reality.  The Bible confirms this spirit place in numerous ways from beginning to end.  Even the occult confirms the spirit world, except that they do it in the negative. 

The other Greek word for time is kronos.  This is where we get the idea of chronology.  Rather than having a length of space-time dimension, there is only the concept of first this happens, then that happens, and then the other thing happens, and so on.  We’re dealing with an order of events.  Of the three characteristics of time -- namely, past, present, and future -- kronos is always in the present or the NOW.   Understanding time this way makes it easier to grasp the concept of eternity (not until we get there will we know it better).  Using the same parade as above, but from a vantage point far above the bleachers, we would be able to see the entire parade at one time.  This is the vantage point that the Lord God has.  He knows the beginning from the end. (Isaiah 46:19)

This knowing beforehand by God is called “foreknowledge.”  It is by his foreknowledge that God already sees and knows everything that we think, say, and do.

This takes us back to the question, what am I doing here?  Essentially we have been given this time on earth to make the choice of whether we’ll go with God or whether we’ll go with Satan, the enemy of God and our very souls.  Remember, Satan ONLY comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10)