Hinduism & Yoga


When God separated the people of Babylon, today’s southern Iraq, by confusing their language into many different ones because they did not obey His directive to spread out and repopulate the earth after the Great Flood, the system of religion which was first organized more or less as a unit is today known as Hinduism. All other subsequent organizations or “religions” have also been traced straight to Babylon.

The word Babylon means confusion. God confused their language. They began to build the infamous Tower of Babel. Bab-El, the more correct way of expressing this “tower,” literally means gate to or of God. El is one of many of God’s names by which He revealed Himself to man. El means, complete sovereignty and creativity and is found some 2500 times in the Old Testament. Also, interesting and powerful is the fact that the plural form of El – Elohim - is first mentioned in Genesis 1:1. So right from the beginning we have the truth told to us about and by our Creator.

After the flood which some scholars estimate to have been less than 100 years, Nimrod, the son of Cush, whose name means “we will rebel,” led the populace to build the tower. He did not build it to honor our Creator, but to dishonor Him by showing that they were going to do this all on their own. Scripture tells us that Nimrod became a mighty hunter before the Lord. This expression, “a mighty hunter before the Lord,” is better translated as “a mighty hunter in opposition to the Lord” or as “hunter of souls before the Lord” in the Hebrew, according to Dr. Chuck Missler and others.

That this is surely the case becomes clear when one considers that Nimrod “founded the early Babylonian empire and build the city of Nineveh. He was a mighty hunter and a remarkable leader of armies. His power extended over the cities of Mesopotamia.” (The Wycliff Bible Commentary, pp.14,15)

In Genesis 10:10-12 We find “The first centers of his kingdom were Babylon, Erech, Akkad and Calneh, in Shinar. From that land he went too Assyria, where he built Nineveh, Rehoboth Ir, Calah and Resen, which is between Nineveh and Calah; that is the great city.” (NIV; Grant Jeffries Prophecy Marked Reference Study Bible, 1998, Commentary, p.19) (Shinar mentioned in the above quote refers to Babylon the country as opposed to the city).

At this time, the Bible tells us, “Now the whole earth had one language and one speech.” (Gen. 11:1) “Some noted philologists have declared that a common origin of all languages cannot be denied. One Max Mueller (The Science of Language) says, “We have examined all possible forms which language can assume, and now we ask, can we reconcile with these three distinct forms, the radical, the terminational, the inflectual, the admission of one common origin of human speech? I answer decidedly, ‘Yes’.” The New Bible Commentarysays, “The original unity of human language, though still far from demonstrable, becomes increasingly probable.”(Commentary on Gen. 11 quoted in the Amplified Bible, Copyright, 1987, p. 13)

God commanded Noah and his descendants to spread out all over the earth, and repopulate it; Nimrod countered this by telling the people that they should all gather together and build a humanistic society without God. We already covered the fact that he built empires. In this way he attempted to unite the people of the earth under his command. Thus, we have the first mention of a one-world government. In confounding their language, the Lord judged the people because they had not obeyed the decree to spread out to populate the earth. Babel, as already mentioned, means gate to God but it now became confusion because they have ignored the El part of it and sought to go at it without the Lord. This attitude will always lead to confusion. Thus, babel became known as non-understandable speech, as in, “What’s he babbling about?”

C. S. Lewis once commented that there are only two belief systems in the world, Christianity and Hinduism, and the latter is found in all other systems.

Hinduism's Agenda

Hindu gurus have invaded the U.S. and Europe in order to destroy Christianity. Among them are Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh, TM guru Maharishi Yogi, Darshan Singh, Sai Baba, Maharaj Ji, Vivekananda, and Yogananda, just to name a few.

The fact is that all of these guys have become filthy rich by having their followers cheat, lie, prostitute, run guns, murder, and do whatever it takes to collect money. To their followers they denounce materialism, as in possessing much wealth, but at the same time they live in outrageous opulence. They all have huge real-estate holdings worldwide, and in the mid-1980’s Rajneesh would arrive at meetings in one of his 96 Rolls-Royce’s. They’ve convinced their flocks that they’ve ascended so high that materialism doesn’t affect them anymore in the way it does those yet un-enlightened and therefore they can now enjoy it.

Hinduism teaches that the end justifies the means. There is no compassion for the poor and sick among them because it is believed and taught that these people are paying the price of sinning in past lives, although technically speaking, Hinduism doesn’t recognize sin as the Bible defines it to be, namely, being in rebellion against the only one true and living God. They teach that biblical sin doesn’t exist which makes forgiveness-and the subsequent forgiver-a non-issue. In Hinduism, everyone can attain to their own godhood.

Strictly speaking there are about 330,000,000, Hindu deities. Hinduism through yoga demands total and brainless obedience to the gurus. All absolute standards common to mankind to guide people are eliminated, hence the brainwashing needed to get them in, and the deprogramming needed to get them out. Poverty and suffering are ignored and this is what yoga is all about, namely to escape this hopeless cycle of samsara or re-incarnation. This speaks of an endless cycle of being a prisoner, out of which the yogi’s have supposedly found the way and are willing, for total and absolute obedience to them, to help you get out of it too. This yoga training is grossly misunderstood in the West today.

Yoga means “to yoke with.” It has unfortunately been accepted in the USA and Europe as just a scientific method of exercise of which certain ancient Hindu’s were aware. In fact, yoga has six stages, each leading the practitioner into further renunciation of proper self-control and under the influence of demonic spirits:

  • Pana – breathing techniques
  • Asanas – body positions
  • Laya – desolving the mind
  • Siddhis – psychic powers
  • Mantra – repetitious chanting, casting spells
  • Tantra – deliberate black magic, involving gross and vile rituals including Human sacrifices and the eating of human remains after cremation, perverted sex rituals, ingesting cow urine, ingesting human excrement, especially from the “holy men,” the yogis, etc. This is the stage at which an individual can be possessed by Hindu/demonic spirits. This is not to say that a devil will wait for someone to achieve the last level before the possession starts, but rather, all of the stages put the willing practitioner into contact with demonic forces to a greater or lesser degree.

Notice that the progression is clearly going down as far as what practitioners are willing to do, while at the same time they believe that they are going up to godhood. It is one thing to “deny oneself” as is taught in the Scriptures, (Matt 16:24) in order to follow Christ by leaving the fleshly desires that only lead to more fleshly desires, and degrading oneself to the degree explained in the six stages outlined above.

The majority of people do not know what they are getting into when they join a “yoga” class at the local YMCA or, more frequently, the local church building basement or gym or all-purpose room. All true experts in the field, including yogis, agree and admit that this is not to be played with.

The trouble is that most Westerner’s look at this as a novel way of achieving relaxation, exercise, and stress relief, for that is how it is promoted. In actuality, they are increasingly being drawn into occult activities. No guru practices yoga in order to get rock-hard abs, relax from stress, or loose the “love handles,” or achieve a tight butt; they do what they do for evil spiritual reasons that sound good to them. Guilty as they are, they have also bought into the lie of the evil one.

Former yogi, Rabin Drunaf Maharaj, who comes from a long line of spiritual leaders and who had thousands of devoted followers, notes, “There is no Hinduism without yoga, and there is no yoga without Hinduism.” (Video ‘God’s of the New Age’ Carol Matriciano) If you’re into yoga, you’re into Hinduism, like it or not.

Former Beatle, George Harrison admitted that when he wrote the song “My Sweet Lord,” he deliberately wrote the lyrics to reflect his belief that Hinduism and Christianity are really the same. Since he passed away, he knows better now.

Mohandas Ghandi is considered a major guru; and is given the status of a god by some, and many New Agers in the West regard him as an enlightened master. The fact is that he was a known sexual pervert, and non-violence was the farthest thing from his mind when he took part in the racial killing of blacks during the Kafir wars in South Africa. He regularly beat his wife and slept with naked twelve-year-old girls. He was pro-Nazi, truly anti-Semitic, anti-black, anti-non-violent, etc. For more info consider “Gandhi ; Behind the Mark of Divinity” by G. B. Singh.

Many have written and exposed him for the liar he really was. He loved the Hindu caste system (“varna” in Hindu), which relegates classes of humans to their skin color, the lighter the highest, the darker the lowest. Occult expert, Carol Matriciano, who grew up in India, considers Gandhi one of the fathers of the New Age Movement.

Another aspect of Hinduism and in particular yoga is the concept of kundalini. This term refers to the “fiery serpent” within and is what every follower wants to be controlled by for what they call salvation. Salvation is, of course, really a Christian term which Hinduism’s gurus have borrowed to sound religious and proper to the Western mind. In the West they refer to this serpent force as just “energy,” believing that they are following a scientific principle. Moryhei Uyeshiba, the founder of the martial art of Aikido, believed and taught that this internal energy which is known as ki in Japanese, and chi in Chinese, is the life flow. God, however, informs us in Leviticus 17:11 says that life is in the blood.

One common way to confuse the issue and make devil worship palatable in the West is to use the term “white magic.” Even The Church of Satan’s founder, Anton Le Vey, correctly lays that rumor to rest by having stated that “‘white magic’ is a myth – there is only black magic.” The truth is that the serpent is worshipped by all occult belief systems, but it is brought to light only in the Judeo-Christian Scriptures as to whom it actually represents.

Yoga is dangerous and deceptive. All yoga exercises are designed to kill the mind and the will of an individual. Leading yogis planned a strategy to convert the world in 1966 at the Khumleha Mehla Festival in Allahabad, India. This was the first modern attempt to influence the world. In 1979 after the World Congress of Hinduism, a spokesman declared, “Our mission in the West has been crowned with fantastic success. Hinduism is becoming the dominant world religion. The end of Christianity has come near.” (God’s of The New Age, Matriciano)

At a similar gathering of the Transcendental Meditation Organization spearheaded by Mahareeshi Yoga, a spokesman boldly states, “The entire Mission of TM is to counter the ever-spreading demon of Christianity.” (ibid)

The spreading of Hinduism in the West is serious business that has been going on since the 1960’s. The Vishna Hindu Parishad is an organization which aggressively pursues this end. Yoga teachers are being used to spread this occult method of stealing the mind and will, and most don’t have a clue that they are aiding in that way. After all, they think they’re doing and exercise that’s mystic, but at the same time scientific and fun.

Two-thirds of colleges were offering yoga classes by the 1980’s and almost all of the 2,000 YMCAs were doing the same. By now the infiltration is so deep that it’s become part of our culture. This is of course also accepted by those churches who want to be “culturally engaged.”

In all these places Hindu philosophy is taught even subliminally. People think they are getting one thing and are really getting something else. Hypnosis is one of the ways acceptance was gained, again because of possible scientific merit, but it can’t deliver what it promised. People are allowing some other force to enter their minds, and they will soon have no control whatsoever.

Jean Dixon foresaw the massive turning to the East. She relates how a serpent crawled up on her bed and wrapped itself around her, “Its eyes were gazing fixed toward the East…The serpent turned it’s head and our eyes met. Its eyes reflected all the wisdom and suffering of the ages, but also an unspoken plea for trust and understanding. It moved again facing the East once more, as if to tell me that I must look to the East for wisdom and understanding. Somehow I sensed that it was conveying to me that if my trust and faith in it were great enough, I would be able to partake of its unlimited, unearthly wisdom. The serpent looked back and while I gazed deeply into its eyes, it withdrew and vanished.” ( My Life and Prophesies, Her Own Story as told to Rene Noorbergen: William Morrow and Co. 1969, pp. 160, 161) {NOTE: She later realized that Satan was going to deceive the whole world}

The places where Eastern mysticism has been practiced for thousands of years, like Tibet, China, Burma, India, Sri Lanka, are also considered the poorest countries in the world, even though modernization has been heavy for the last quarter century or so. Perhaps more important than being economically poor is the fact that they are extremely superstitious. Even so, Westerners, having rejected the Bible, are looking for “enlightenment” in the very Eastern religions that destroyed millions of human lives and impoverished those nations for centuries, even millennia.

Interestingly, all occult teachings through “spirit guides” have a remarkable continuity in that all teach that evil is only in our minds, that Satan doesn’t exist, that sin is really only perceived, that salvation is simply knowing that we are really gods ourselves, and that this knowledge will finally free us. The Bible, however, tells the truth in that “he whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” (John 8:36)

Medical fact states that a prenatal, natal, or post natal brain is not capable of producing memory functions as is supposed by hypnosis and other psychic exercises; thus, the power that supposedly gives facts of someone’s past cannot be that person’s past but something outside of the self. Since information is given, an outside intelligence has to be at work.

One popular technique used in called bio-feedback. This has been described as electronic yoga. Dr. Jean Houston who has PhDs in both religion and psychology conducts workshops where she takes her participants to “awaken” ancient memories through hypnosis. Houston tells how she guided about 150 extremely high-ranking American officials for three days;“….we had these officials on the floor, guiding them into internal journey’s, looking for the possible society.” (Whole Life Times, Oct./mid-Nov. 1984, NO. 38, Shepherd Bliss, “Jean Houston: Prophet of the Possible,” pp. 24, 25)

The following is a reporter’s account of the type of meeting mentioned above:

“Remember when you were a fish”, Houston suggested in Sacramento. Nearly a thousand people …dropped to the floor and began moving their “fins” as if to propel themselves through water. “Notice your perceptions as you roll like a fish. How does your world look, feel, sound, smell, taste?” “Then you came up on land,” Houston recalled, taking us through the amphibian stage…

Then Houston suggested, “Allow yourself to fully remember being a reptile… Then some of you flew. Others climbed trees…” We became a zoo of sounds and movements made by early mammals, monkeys, and apes. Houston then called us to remember being “the early human” who loses his/her protective furry covering” and …evolves into the modern human. 

The climax of the already intense exercise that had taken us more than an hour followed: “Now I want to extend your selves even further into …the next stage of your evolution.” We became a room full of leaping, joyous, sometimes alone, often together human beings who eventually joined hands and voices.

The impact was electric… We had become a wriggling sea of bodies-nearly a thousand housewives, therapists, artists, social workers, clergy, educators, health professionals…[who] had crawled over and under each other, enjoying ourselves and re-learning what was deep within our memories.(ibid)

This obvious nonsense has been going on for decades in the West. Westerners have bought the “scientific package”, but are getting religion instead, the very thing many are running from. All self-help books and seminars are based on Hinduism and the concept of “maya,” the teaching that everything is an illusion. In this way people are told, if you can imagine it/believe it, you will have it. This is why the Word Faith Movement with its “name it and claim it” teachings, is nothing more than Hinduism. Also, the speaking something into existence is as old as fables themselves. Occult command expressions such as “abracadabra” and “open sesame”, bring the sought-after “magic” into the picture and refer in meaning to “I create as I speak.” So-called Christian Science cults also take their belief that everything is an illusion, especially sin, from Hinduism.

Napoleon Hill is credited for the success of self-help phenomena with his books and seminars. He admits to having been taught these techniques by spirit guides who taught him the methods of the occult through Hinduism. One of the biggest breeding grounds is the United Nations. It is a “prestige giving” conduit to world religion. At any given time throughout the week, the UN building is used for seminars on Spiritism, Astrology, Meditation clinics, etc. - anything but a Christian worship and teaching.

One of the well-known New Age authors and prophets is Benjamin Crème, who predicted that he would help usher in the new World leader; he says that all have been looking for him albeit under different names. Hitler also was very much into Hinduism and took the swastika for himself. It is a symbol of power found in many Hindu temples. The mesmerizing effect he had on a whole nation is proof positive that mind manipulation and the absence of absolute values go hand in hand.

Theosophy too has its roots deep in Hinduism, with their world headquarters located in India. Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the main figure in founding the Theosophy Society, was an evil Christ-hating woman, who praised the devil for rebellion against the Lord, even though he will end up in the Lake of Fire for eternity.

Hindu Beliefs

There is no single Hindu idea of God.  Hindu concepts of deity can include any of the following: monism (all existence is one substance); pantheism (all existence is divine); panentheism (God is in creation as a soul is in a body); animism (God or gods live in non-human objects such as trees, rocks, animals, etc.); polytheism (there are many gods); henotheism (there is one god we worship among the many that exists); and monotheism (there is only one God).  Henotheism is why C. S. Lewis made the statement that there are only two belief systems in the world, Christianity and Hinduism and in the latter all others are found or have their place.  Hinduism does have a sort of trinity in Brahman, Vishnu and Shiva.  Satan counterfeits everything.

Karma and Samsara – These concepts are fundamental to Hinduism.  In Karma the idea is that all souls are eternal and are accountable for their own actions throughout time.  This is why there is no compassion in Hinduism.  If one suffers in this life, it’s  because it’s deserved for bad behavior in some past life.  Of course, re-incarnation is a myth with no substance, just like evolution itself, which is also a big part of Hinduistic beliefs.  The bible tells us that it is appointed for man once to die, then the judgment.  (Hebrews 9:27) No chance for re-doing life somehow in another body. Karma refers to the debt of one’s bad actions, which must be atoned for (through various Hindu systems) in order for one to escape the perpetual wheel of Samsara, which is the idea of re-incarnation (the soul inhabits successive human bodies) or transmigration (the soul inhabits successive bodies – human, animal, or even plants or inanimate objects.)

Hindu salvation, like every other single religion, is one of works and personal achievement.  The three major paths to Hindu “salvation” include karma marga (method), the way of disinterested action; bhakti marga the way of devotion; and jnana marga, the path of self-knowledge or mystical insight.  Jnana marga achieves self-realization through intuitive awareness and mystical insight.  Bhakti marga achieves self-realization through ritualistic sacrifice and discipline.     

Two kinds of Buddha are distinguished: one is Pratyeka-Buddha (completely enlightened but doesn’t expound that teaching), and the other is Samyak – Buddha  (expounds for the welfare of all, brings the teaching he has discovered).  The latter kind is considered “omniscient.”  (The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion, Shambala Publication, Inc., 1986)

Buddha means “awakened One”; Brahman means “the eternal, imperishable absolute; the supreme maternal reality of Vedanta.”  Adhyatma-Yoga (Hinduism) means “the supreme atman, the supreme self; a yogic discipline that, through knowledge and realization of the self, overcomes identification with the body and mind and produces the knowledge that man as atman is absolute consciousness and hence identical with Brahman. 

All this gobbledy-gook is saying nothing more than that man is his own god.   This is just the very first lie of the devil to Eve in the Garden of Eden.  India is a nation whose average people have been all but completely destroyed through the demonic religion of Hinduism.  It is a cruel, non-loving, grab-what-you-can type of system with absolutely no hope for people to ever get free. 

 V. S. Naipaul, himself an Indian, has written about this plight and called his work, “India A Wounded Civilization”.