A Quick Glossary of Various Words and Buzz Words

Source of definitions:

(WNCD) Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, copyright 1960.

(WNWD) Webster’s New World Dictionary, copyright 1974

(S) The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, copyright 1990 by Thomas Nelson Publishers

ABIDE – continuing in a permanent state (S)

ABOMINATION – thing utterly repulsive (S)

ANGELS – God’s messengers / servants – Revelation 22:6 & 9

ANTINOMIANISM – the idea that Christian liberty exempts one from the moral law - lawlessness (S)

APOLOGIST – One who defends, or attempts to justify a doctrine, faith. (WNWD)

APOSTASY – falling away from God’s truth (S)

ARMAGEDDON – Mount Megiddo, site of Final Battle (S)

ATHEISM – The denial of God’s existence. (S)

ATTONEMENT – Reconciliation of the guilty by divine sacrifice. (S)

BABEL – confusion (S)

BABEL, TOWER OF – A huge brick structure intended to magnify man and preserve the unity of the race. (S)

BABYLON, CITY OF – Built by Nimrod, Greatest power under Nebuchadnezzar. (S)

BEMA SEAT – Greek term describing the platform where judgments were proclaimed usually in the market place for all to see and hear. Paul used this term to describe the judging of the believers’ works by Jesus, probably right after the Rapture also called the Epi-Sunagage (see definition below)

CULT – a group of people who worship any deity that’s not the true God of the Bible.

DIALECTIC 1. That branch of logic which teaches the art of disputation and of discriminating truth from error; esp.; the art of reasoning about matters of opinion. 2. Disputation or debate conducted in conformity with the laws of logic. (Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, p. 228)

DIALECTIC MATERIALISM – The theory of reality forming affirming continuous transformation of matter and dynamic interconnectedness of things and concepts, and implying social transformation through socialism toward a classless society, which was advanced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and adopted as the official Soviet philosophy. (ibid)

This description of DIALECTIC MATERIALISM has now been adopted by Europe, the U.S., and much of the rest of the world.

DIANA – the mother-goddess, i.e., a pagan goddess

DIVINATION – attempt to foretell the unknown by occult means

DOCTRINE – teaching – Concerning the Bible, the TRUE teaching or doctrine.

ECUMENICAL – furthering religious unity. Once it meant within the Christian community; now it means all religions.

E.C.T. (ECT) – Evangelical and Catholics Together (a movement)

EMERGENT CHURCH – is the name given to a new movement that claims to be Christian but is in fact, completely counter to the true gospel of Christ in that it denies Christ and His gospel as being the only way to salvation opting instead for the lie of Universalism (everybody gets saved, no matter what). “Emergent = emerging out of a fluid or anything that covers; issuing forth; rising into notice. – (WNCD)

EPI-SUNAGAGE – The Rapture - 1st phase of the 2nd coming of Jesus when the believers meet in the air around Jesus.

ETERNITY – no clock, no time-frame only an order of events

EUCHARIST - a bloodless continual re-sacrificing of Christ on the Cross which the Council of Trent lays out specifically as RCC dogma and calls it re-presenting Him which according to Scripture is pagan. According to Hebrews 9:22 without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins…and Hebrews 9:26 states, that Christ was crucified ONCE FOR ALL.

EVANGELICAL – relating to the four gospels

EXEGESIS – Exposition; esp., a critical explanation of a portion of Scripture. (WNCD) It means to extract from Scripture what is actually there. (WH)

EISEGESIS – not in Webster’s. It means the opposite of exegesis, namely to put in or add what you want it to mean.

ECCLESIA OR EKKLESIA – From the Greek ek = out of + kaleo = to call, thus it = “called out ones.” In English = Assembly or Church.

ECCLESISTICAL – Of or relating to the Church or its organization or government; not secular. (WNCD)NOTE: The Church is not an organization, rather an organism – because it’s alive – which is organized.

FAITH – trusting in God. “NOW faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) 

GLORIFICATION – 3rd and final stage of salvation 

GNOSTICISM – early heresy based on knowledge instead of faith (S)

GOG – leader of the final battle (S)

GRACE – unmerited favor (S)

GREAT TRIBULATION – 7 years of great affliction (see Matthew chapter 24) corresponds to Daniel’s 70th week prophecy.

GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT – God’s throne when He judges the works of all the non-believers and they are cast into the lake of fire. – Revelation 20:11-15

HADES – place of the dead, Sheol (Hebrew) – Before Jesus’ ascension Hades was comprised of two sides, separated by a great chasm; one side being air conditioned the other not. Also called Abraham’s bosom where the saved Old Testament saints were sent.(See Luke 16:22-26)

HELL – a place of eternal torment. The side with no air conditioning

HERESIES – a teaching contrary to the truth

HOLINESS – set apart from the world and its ways unto God

JUSTIFICATION – the 1st stage of salvation the forgiveness of sins upon true repentance.

LAKE OF FIRE – the place of final punishment

LAODICIA – current last-days apostate Church includes Emergent and Roman Catholicism. 

LAW – an authoritative rule of conduct

LUCIFER – light bearer

MAGOG – title of nations surrounding Jerusalem to destroy her at Armageddon

MARK OF THE BEAST – the mark on the forehead or right hand for those unsaved living in the Tribulation in order to conduct business – buy or sell.

MARANATHA – Lord coming quickly!

MEDITATION – quiet contemplation of spiritual truths

MYSTERY – Something unknown except by divine revelation

MYSTICAL – that which has not been revealed by God 

NEPHILIM – earth-born, off-spring between fallen angels and the daughters of men.

NEO – means new

OBEDIENCE – submission to authority

OCCULT – that which is hidden.

PAGAN – n. a person who worships any deity that’s not the true God of the Bible; - or adj. of or pertaining to pagans or their worship; heathen; idolatrous. (WNCD)

PAN – means all

PANTHEISM – The doctrine that the universe, taken or conceived of as a whole, is God; the doctrine that there is no God but the combined forces and laws which are manifested in the existing universe. The worship of gods of different creeds, cults, or peoples indifferently (WNCD)

PANTHEON – A temple dedicated to all the gods; a building in Rome, the aggregate gods of a nation. (WNCD)

PONTIFEX/PONTIFICUS MAXIMUS – means bridge-builder. It refers to the head of the pagan priesthood. The very pagan title and office of the Roman Catholic Church and corresponds to pope. Pope can refer to papa, from which we get the term, ‘papacy’, which is the word used to describe the Roman Pope or Pontiff and his cabinet ‘the Pontifical College, made up of all of Rome’s Cardinals, Bishops, etc. The meaning of ‘papa’ makes sense too for it is derived from father, which means author and head, as in Satan is the father of lies and all that is false, John 8:44.

POST-TRIB – post-tribulation rapture

PRETERIST VIEW – no literal 1,000 year reign of Christ and events of A.D. 70 is fulfillment of Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13

PRE-TRIB – pre-tribulation rapture

PROPHECY --  the noun, (pronounced “PROF-a-see”) is a God inspired foretelling of future events.

PROPHESY--  the verb, (pronounced “PROF-a-sigh”) is to foretell such events.

PROTESTANT REFORMATION – protest against the Roman Church which beginning is attributed to Martin Luther

PROTESTANT – protested against Vatican in Rome

RAPTURE – the violent snatching from the earth of the saints of God to meet Jesus in the air.

REMISSION – payment of the price.

REMNANT – that which is left-over.

REPENTANCE – the true personal abhorrence of our personal sins resulting in a complete 180 degree turn from looking to the world towards God.

REVELATION – God’s revealed knowledge of Himself and all of His creation including to us yet future events

ROMAN CATHOLISM – the apostate Church in Rome 

SAINT – any true believer in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel.

SALT AND LIGHT – what the saints are to be in this world in terms of being the living example of love and true doctrine.

SANCTIFICATION – 2nd stage of the theological breakdown of the study of salvation – growing in holiness as the true believers live their lives

SATAN – leader of the cherubim angels who protected God’s throne when created then rebelled and seeks godhood for himself – became murderer and the father of lies and all that is untrue. (See John 8:44)

SERPENT – the beast who offered his body in the Garden of Eden and who was thus cursed by God; also the name of Satan himself along with dragon and beast.

SHEOL  - Hebrew word meaning the place of the departed or the netherworld. It had two parts; one part being Abraham’s Bosom described in Luke 16:19-31 and the other being Gehenna the real Hell and place of torment. Those who belong to God, such as those who are called Old Testament saints, went to Abraham’s Bosom (the air conditioned side) and those not of God went to Gehenna (the hot side).

SONS OF GOD – Hebrew, Bene-Ha-Elohim – always refers to angels.

THE TRIBULATION – same as Great Tribulation above

TRANSUBSTANTIATION - the unbiblical RCC doctrine, also known as the Eucharist, in which it is claimed that the wafer and wine of communion (actually and really) turns into the physical body and blood of the whole Christ in His substance entirely together with His soul and divinity. (See Council of Trent, 13th Session, Chapter 3, The Wholly Eucharist, pp. 75-76, Chapter 8, p. 79)

TRIBULATION - that which believers and unbelievers go through in life.

TWIT - to reproach, taunt, etc. --n. a taunt [Taunt - to mock --n. a scornful or jeering remark]

TWO WITNESSES – those 2 who come in the first 3 ½ years of the 7 year great tribulation to testify of God and His Christ. Many scholars believe these will be Moses and Elijah.

VICAR OF CHRIST – taking the place of Christ on earth. There is no such place to take; Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven while His bride-to-be (the true Church - the saints) makes herself ready for the rapture.