The Religion of Freemasonry

Masonry is considered by most as a good old, mostly American institution, which has benevolent aims within Christian concepts.  The Masons are known for helping fellow Masons with ways and means of achieving a better life. The organization boasts of a “brotherhood” of members dedicated to the sanctity of life and godliness.  With various social programs and businesses, such an organization makes sense, at least on the surface.

What many people forget is that, at least for Christians, Jesus is the only one who can legitimately make claims of providing His people with everything needed for the sanctity of life and godliness, as is stated in 2 Peter 1:3. “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.”  Notice that this “everything” that God provided is in the past tense and therefore a done deal for those who accept it.

Freemasonry is labeled a religion because it meets all the requirements for such a label.  Every religion is based on the lie that men can work for their own salvation.  Indeed, every religion outside of biblical Christianity has this as one of their major tenets.  This is to eliminate Jesus, for if one can achieve salvation for oneself, why is Jesus or any Savior needed?  But Jesus can’t be eliminated for He is the only one who died for us all while we were still sinners.  (Romans 5:8)

To the dismay of the Jesus-haters who want to do away with God’s only Son there is an abundance of historical, scientific, and literary proof concerning everything the Bible claims, and to refute it is to refute common sense and reason altogether.  All opponents of the Bible oppose it not for any scholarly or professional reasons, but instead for purely personal bias and deliberate refusal to admit that they are sinners who are in need of a Savior, nothing else.  Whenever considering what a system of belief is all about, it is always prudent to consult the official writings of that system to get to the truth.  Unfortunately, many choose to just believe what someone says about that belief system as part of their personal opinion.  It doesn’t matter that the opinion may come from a bona fide member because many members of groups and associations have no clue about what they have actually signed up.  This is especially true for organizations that are esoteric and pseudo-spiritual in their teachings and dogma. 

On the surface, Freemasonry as analyzed by non-masons and non-Christians comes off as just another social movement – one that had its origins in 1717 and influenced America in more or less major ways through the years as a harmless fraternity-style association of upstanding men in the community striving to better mankind.  Consequently, there is no hint of the obvious and vast involvement of Freemasonry in ancient occult rituals and practices that have never been eliminated from the system itself.  It is, however, altogether different when one pours over the many writings of hard-core Masons that know what they are involved in and don’t bother to hide the truth of Freemasonry’s involvement in long-standing occult and witchcraft practices.

Although the attempt is made to gently persuade the reader that everything is aboveboard and quite normal in the logic they present, the fact remains that these Masons deny the truth of the clear biblical teachings of creation, salvation, and judgment, and instead infuse their own beliefs with esoteric assertions of pagan doctrines taken from ancient Babylonian teachings of Nimrod, Tammuz, and Baal worship.  In the West, these are married to “Christian” phraseology and customs to make them appear normal and acceptable to the ordinary church attendee who is reality quite ignorant of true biblical teachings.  The term “freemasonry” is quite absurd when one considers the manipulative ways in which they recruit new members and bind their victims to everlasting allegiance, which is exactly the same as is practiced in any false religions.  The fact that Freemasonry is a pantheistic cult is revealed over and over again in their own literature.  Masonic authority Carl H. Cloudy boasts of masonry’s tolerance of all religions: “Masonry does not specify any god of any creed; she requires merely that you believe in some deity give him what name you will… any god will do…” (Little Masonic Library; Mc Coy Publishing and Masonic supply, 1977, Vol. 4, p. 32)

Notice that to be a Mason, one is required to “believe in some deity”.  This very requirement to believe in a god makes it a religion.  The thing for Christians is that they already have God and true religion, so why the need or desire to add to that which cannot be improved in the first place?  Albert Pike, former Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry likewise states, “Masonry [is that religion] around whose altars the Christian, the Hebrew, the Brahman [Hindu], the followers of Confucius and Zoroaster, can assemble as brethren and unite in prayer…”  (Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Charleston, SC, The Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, 1906, p. 226)

There can be no doubt of the religiosity of Freemasonry, and there is also no doubt as to how far reaching this pagan belief system is in our culture and more specifically in our government and the professing church.  It is precisely this religiosity that causes many pastors to think nothing of preaching from a “Christian” pulpit while simultaneously believing and espousing unbiblical heretical and occult doctrines by being members, and proudly so, of some Freemasonic Lodge or other.  Members of the brotherhood of Masons have and do hold key positions in Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, Pentagon, and the White House.  American evangelical churches have been inundated with heretical teachings that fall in line with the pantheistic view that boasts accepting anything that is deemed a god mentality so much so that in 1990, the Michigan Episcopal Diocese refused to vote on the resolution that “Jesus is the Christ, the only name given under heaven by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12) This direct quote from the Bible was called “divisive and demeaning to whose faith in God is as strong as ours though it is differently defined.”  The resolution that was voted on and passed committed Episcopalians to proclaim a  “good news” that could be affirmed by every religion and thus, sadly, had no saving value whatsoever.

This is the same mentality and dogma of Freemasonry to a T.  Everything is god if you want it to be. The Masonic influence in many churches is apparent in the moving away from sound biblical teachings to more liberal politically correct and more tolerant views of God, views that accommodate every belief system.  Some “Christian” theologians have called for “a move away from the insistence on the superiority or finality of Christ and Christianity toward recognition of the independent validity of other ways.”  They justified such blatant disregard for truth by claiming that “economic, political, and especially nuclear liberation is too big a job for any one nation, or culture, or religion…” (John Hick and Paul F. Knitter, Eds. The Myth of Christian Uniqueness: Toward a Pluralistic Theology of Religions; Orbis Books, 1988, Preface, pp. x-xi.)

It is the combination of pantheistic beliefs inherent in masonry and the many social and business positions that Masons hold that have helped much in sowing the seeds for the breakdown of the biblically based “as far as the average Joe and Jane is concerned,” American culture.  Movies like National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage, and its sequel sponsored by Freemasonry gave the organization a shot in the arm in membership because of the spiritual, other-worldly connections.  Of course, anything wrapped in  “secrecy”  attracts the lost and the ignorant because they believe in their hearts that there is a secret to success in life and maybe even in the afterlife, if such a thing exists.  Masonic teachings feed such superstitious desires.  Virtually all the founders of cults in America were members of freemasonry, such as Madam Blavatsky and Alice Bailey of the devil-worshipping cult of Theosophy fame, as well as Joseph Smith, the founder of the demonic cult of Mormonism,

One well-known sign concerning all demonic/witchcraft teachings is that they have an abundance of contradictory statements, which belie their claim of possessing any truth.  Interestingly, these adherents are also among the many who claim that contradictions exist in the Bible.  They have to make this accusation about the Bible because it is the Word of God and the ultimate truth on who we are, how we got here, what we’re doing here, and where we’re going after this life is over.  Any supposed contradictions in the Bible can’t be proved because when serious inquiry is made as to the supposed discrepancies, they dissolve away. They square not only with the rest of Scripture but also with modern applications of what we know of science - true science that is, not the pseudoscience that’s being espoused by adherence to the lies of the religion of organic, naturalistic or Darwinian Evolution.

As an example of a contradiction, on page 5 of Robert Freke Gould’s book, The Concise History Of Freemasonry, he refers to God as the “great architect of the Universe,” but H. L. Haywood in his book, The Great Teachings of Freemasonry, writes,

“The ritualistic language has been fashioned, not for the purpose of exact theological thinking, but for symbolic and ritualistic purposes.  God is not the Architect; such a term is misleading.  It suggests a great artificer who made the worlds out of nothing, or else out of crude material, and who went about as a carpenter might frame a house.  Such a being would necessarily exist apart from the thing he has made, as a machinist is apart from the mechanism he contrives.  The modern mind will have nothing to do with such ideas because men have learned that God cannot be conceived of as living and working apart from the universe, but must somehow be involved in the universe.” (ibid, p.119, Underline mine)

Why should an aboveboard system of social benevolence and a brotherhood of men have something that requires “ritualistic” and “symbolic” language to explain their philosophy?  Also, Haywood doesn’t explain how men have learned what he claims they have learned about God. 

As is obvious here, pantheism is at the root of everything that is claimed by serious Masons.  Haywood’s statement that, It suggests a great Artificer who made the world out of nothing , or else out of crude material, and who went about it as a carpenter might frame a house,” is exactly what the Bible says God did.  The book of Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 3 informs us that, “By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things that are seen were not made of things that are visible.”  (NKJV, bold mine)

Haywood’s assertion that the “modern Mind will have nothing to do with such ideas” wreaks of deism as expressed by many, including those involved in Scientology, whose adherence believe themselves to be Thetans, pronounced thatans, a form of master race descendants from the imagined lost continent of Atlantis.  Didn’t Hitler and his Nazis believe in a master race?  God created everything there is out of nothing visible to the physical senses and He is in fact outside of His creation, not a part of it, as the Bible amply affirms.  God is outside of time, for instance, while the entire universe is in a time/space entity.  Everything in the universe is constrained according to the concept of time, while in eternity there are no time constrains because time is ineffectual in that past, present, and future are not separate rather they are one in the plurality. 

Notice the expression “will have nothing to do with such ideas.”  This is a blatant refusal to choose God’s Word and going so far as to call God’s Word “ideas,” as if it lacks corroboration from creation and any true science.  Haywood’s metaphysical beliefs are brought out when he makes the following reference, “In the language of metaphysics, the relation between God and man in ontological.” (ibid, p. 120)  Ontology seeks to study and investigate the nature of being, which some call reality.  Already there can be but flaw after flaw after flaw when one searches and puts trust in the writings of mere men who can’t create anything out of the invisible, rather than trusting the living God who did just that.

As mentioned earlier, confusing the issue is the trait of all occult writings and teachings.  The fact that they continuously contradict even themselves doesn’t seem to matter to their adherence.  Haywood, for instance, being one of masonry’s premiere writers and apologists, shows the veil of secrecy that masonry hides behind, on the one hand making bold statements and on the other denying that these beliefs are definitions that masonry ascribes to concerning God, and then changing again to state that these teachings are in fact Masonic at the root.  A case in point, “However, it appears that while Freemasonry does not define its conception of God, certain attributes are assumed by the Masonic system as a whole, and are taken for granted throughout it, so that while the attributes are nowhere insisted upon explicitly, they are a necessary postulate of Masonic teaching as a whole.” (ibid, p. 120)

All of the previous Haywood quotes were taken from a chapter titled “The Fatherhood of God.”  Haywood also elevates man above God in statements like this: “Always a new idea of man implies, and involves a new conception of God.”  The Bible tells us in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”  (KJV), and Malachi 3:6 rather boldly declares, “For I am the Lord, I change not;…” (KJV)  Furthermore, any conception of God can be gotten only from His Word, the Bible, and what we clearly learn there, is that God is unchanging or immutable, as the above scriptures confirm.  Along with God also being omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal, and immutable, these five attributes are the crux of what we can know about God this side of heaven.  Although we naturally have trouble understanding exactly what all the above statements mean and contain, the biblical truth already attained is none the less a far cry from boasting that we men have conceptions of God that constantly change and moreover that these mental changes in man’s idea of God are to be considered weightier than what God revealed to us in His Word.  

Another case in point: “The fatherhood of God is not anywhere explicitly taught by Freemasonry but is everywhere implied, so that the Great doctrines peculiar to the Craft demand it for their guarantor, and make inevitably toward it.” (ibid, p.122) He closes out the fatherhood chapter with this statement: “The logic of the American idea leads to faith in a divine love, universal and impartial, all encompassing and everlasting.” (ibid, p.123)  Wow!!!  Instead of faith coming from God, we are informed that it actually comes from the American idea.  Nay, “So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” (Rom 10:17, KJV)  How any man of God, and especially pastors, can fall for this trash is astounding.  Of course, this has much to do with the British-American Israelism so prevalent in many of America’s churches. 

The religious mentality in this book is so thick that one can’t help but make the conclusion that Freemasonry is indeed a religion in any sense of the word.  The word religion in its basest form means to search for.  That is actually why true Christians are not religious, for we have found the truth and are in no need to continue searching.  Followers of false religions however, must continue their search for the truth, Jesus Christ, (John 14:6; Col 2:9), for He will forever remain a mystery to them unless, like me and any other born-again individuals, they confess their sins and accept the gospel message for their personal salvation from death, hell, and the grave.  The sad thing is that many, including not a few pastors, have deluded themselves into thinking they are saved while they simultaneously uphold such unbiblical and demonic teachings by being members of the religion of Freemasonry and its several off-shoots. 

Freemasonry, like any other cult, is working at making followers into slaves by having newcomers taking oaths and performing rituals that are nothing short of devil worship and that supposedly bind them until death.  On page 136 of his book, Haywood tells us that masonry seeks to shape man’s ideas. “There is such a thing as a Masonry Anthropology, or science of man.  Masonry deals with men: it is trying to do certain things with men, to shape them in a certain way; and by certain means.”  In educating or initiating a man through the ritual of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree, a candidate is said to be born-again.  “If this can happen to a man inside the lodge room, it can happen outside; if a man can be born-again under Masonic influence, he can also be born-again under equally as powerful influences.” (ibid, p. 137)  Mysticism is one of the attractions to masonry for many people.  The thought of the unknown has always peaked interest in man.  This is the very reason that God gave us His Word, the Bible, so that we could know who He really is and what our mission in life is in relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

Mysticism mimics the truth of God and the expression of worship and servitude toward God.  Since masonry itself traces its roots all the way back to the Tower of Bab-El, and thus is deeply occultic, it comes as no surprise that the devil’s only answer to the powers that be was to veil them in a cloak of secrecy.  It’s a mystery, and when we find the secret, we’ll be just like God; in fact, we’ll be gods ourselves.  This is the premise that all pagan false teachings thrive on, that someday we’ll be gods. 

Robert Freke Gould states, “Right from the outset, mysticism was expressed in allegorical form, and illustrated, as with us, by symbols.  According to Sir Chaloner Alabaster, an indefatigable student of Freemasonry and a most respected sinologist.” (The Concise History of Freemasonry, Kila, Montana USA, 1994, 1920 Kessinger Publishing Co., p. 3)

On page 30 of this book, Gould says, “The legend of the British craft states that the Savior of Christendom is also described as the ‘Great Patron of operative masonry.’” Including Jesus in any occult practice has always been recognized so as not to alienate “professing” Christians, the ones who claim He I their Savior and Lord.  The very fact that the term craft is used demonstrates the demonic nature of masonry, as that term is known in other occult circles as well, witchcraft being the prime example.

Pharaoh’s, Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus is the subtitle of The Hiram Key, written by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, both freemasons.  On pages 5-14 the authors describe the ceremony they both went through at different times and at different lodges.  These ceremonies are in fact no less than a mockery of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.  It was in their minds a born-again experience with emphasis given to the pantheistic view of God and with knowledge of nature and self, being promoted.  “My ceremony of raising caused me to be re-born to the status of a Master Mason and concluded with the giving of more passwords and grips.” 

In their book they paid homage to and drew information from much of the apocryphal writings, such as the book of the Gospel of Judas.  On when and where Freemasonry originated, authors Knight and Lomas emphatically state, “For some the line is simple: Freemasonry is only as old as its publicly recorded history “ the 17th Century” and everything purporting to predate those records is whimsical nonsense.  The pragmatic attitude is uncomplicated, but it is the easiest of hypothesis to reject for many reasons.” (ibid, p. 19)  With few exceptions it seems, every non-Masonic writer I researched dated Masonic history to having its organized beginning in 1717.  But, also every Masonic writer who is considered an authority  would be high on their ranking chart, and all who have attained the 33rd degree, are themselves fully aware that the origins of their Craft, is nearly as old as sin itself.  

Satan and his minions are organized as well, as organization is the key element of any endeavor; hence we call the Mafia and similar outfits “organized crime.”  They have a clear leader and underlings follow certain criteria that are taught to and understood by everyone within that particular group.  Chaos is simply not an option if something is to get done outside of our little ol’ selves.  God is the God of order and even the devil follows that directive, albeit not because he wants to honor the Lord, but because order works and is indispensable. 

Author John J. Robinson, who wrote Borne In Blood, brings out the fact that masonry is clearly not Christian when he states statement, “the dilemma called to mind the central tenet of Freemasonry, which requires only that a man believe in a supreme being, with no requirements as to how he worships the deity of his choice.” (M. Evans, New York, Intro., p. XV) Confusion in the mind of the uninitiated is precisely what Masons seek.  The veil of secrecy and the unknown is what keeps intrigue alive for those who thrive in this environment.  It is true that there is no honor among thieves, as the Catholic Church was in league with Freemasonry until personal difficulties arose between the pope and Masonic leaders in general, especially with Jacques De Moley.  The problems stemmed from the failed Crusades in the Holy Land against the Muslims which Freemasons were conducting under the banner of the Knights Templars.  The Templars were established in the 1100s A.D. and had the full name of Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. 

The Vatican sanctioned and financed much of the Crusades. This went on for the next several centuries until the embarrassment became too great and war became unprofitable.  Islam succeeded in winning 5 of the six campaigns against them for control of Jerusalem and the Jews, the final defeat coming to Roman Catholicism in the 11th Century under one of Islam’s greatest heroes Saladin.  

Because the Roman Church didn’t want to be held responsible for the debacle, they put all of the blame on the Knights Templars, thus denouncing Freemasonry as a whole.  In truth, they were in cahoots all along but were willing to sacrifice anyone to maintain the lie of being perceived as respectable and even holy in the eyes of their followers, many of whom gave what little they had to help finance these godless pursuits for control of the Holy Land.  It is a well-known historical fact that the Crusaders murdered, raped, and plundered hundreds of thousands of Jews, along with Muslims, to fill Vatican coffers and to fulfill Vatican plans. 

But to make it look like they weren’t at fault, the Vatican accused, arrested, and executed Jacque De Moley and many of his compatriots.  To reiterate trying to separate from something they are still in cahoots with to this day, the following Bull Humanus Genus by Pope Leo XIII was given at Rome near St. Peters on April 20th, 1884: “From these few hints it is easy to understand what is the Masonic sect and what it wants.  Its tenets contradict so evidently human reason that nothing can be more perverted…  In this foolish and ferocious attempt, one recognizes the untamed hatred and rage of revenge kindled against Jesus Christ in the name of Satan.”  This sounds as though they are enemies.  Also, this denial of Freemasonry on the surface came from the Pontifex Maximus, the bridge builder between all faiths, and the head of the entire pagan priesthood, the Roman Catholic Pope.  Other popes have also made this denial but God’s true people aren’t fooled.  This fairy tale is also espoused by some Masons who even call into question their all-time-highest leaders such as Albert Pike and claim that the things he and other luminaries of the Craft wrote and spoke about were their own opinions and not the standard teachings of freemasonry as a whole.  These apologists for Freemasonry especially blame fundamental, dispensational Christians who actually believe the Bible as the ones who put them in the worst light, by accusing them of being ignorant and not knowing the truth.  Yet they don’t shrink away from the obvious humanistic, “I am a god,” adherence and claim that they promote sound trust, well-being, and harmony in the earth, so as to help mankind be at peace.  What a deluded bunch of trash!

As Satan continued to build his kingdom, within the ranks of Freemasonry, he employed a Jesuit-trained professor of canon law from the University of Ingolstadt, Bavaria, named Adam Weisshaupt.  Jesuits give their 100% allegiance to the pope and will carry out his orders to the T, including murder, espionage, subversion of rulers and governments, etc. (See The Jesuits under Cults & World Religions this site) Vatican involvement is clear as a bell.  It is interesting too that the pope points to the tenets of Freemasonry by claiming that they contradict human reason but also lives in the hopes that no one will find out about his own belief system’s obvious contradictions, not only to human reasoning, but more importantly to the Word of God. I want to be sure that it is understood that these systems seek to control and enslave the entire world by any means possible, whereas true Christianity seeks the world only with consent of its free will.

The push to unite all men without God is the underlying goal of all occult activity, and Freemasonry in particular expresses it this way: “These two outstanding events, The Act of Union, and The Adopting of the great paragraph concerning God and religion, remain unto this day to inspire every Mason to believe that unity is possible among men. …So long as we have these two outstanding triumphs to look back to, we need never lose hope for the ultimate unity of the whole Masonic world, and the non-Masonic world.” (Haywood, p. 110)  Haywood also wrote, “The aim of Masonry is to bring men closer to men, not God.” (ibid, P. 112)

This is the Tower of Bab-El all over again, except to say that the mentality and the push to unite mankind, by excluding God, has been and will be the thrust of Satan’s efforts and will culminate in Armageddon. Masonic leaders such as Anderson, Oliver, Preston, Hutchinson, Pike, Krause, Mackey, Drummond, Parvin, Gould, Speth, Crawley, and Haywood all understand that they have a special way of looking at the world through symbolism and rituals, which they communicate with various handshakes and sayings that only ranking Masons understand.  Total denial of God and His authority is the main theme of this brotherhood of demon worshippers whose end will be swift destruction.

 The masses of underlings who are confused and really quite ignorant of the actual purpose of this alleged brotherhood of men are the pawns and peons who do all the grunt work and who financially support this satanic system; they are always the last to know or else never find out that their hierarchy serves Satan.  The devil’s push to unite man and in particular unite all the world’s religions is in full swing and seen in the vast apostasy of many Christians to pagan belief systems or at least their tolerance of them, and is seen particularly in Freemasonry because it welcomes any old god.  As we shall see, this too is a lie because the deity that Freemasonry embraces is the one the Bible calls the “god of this world.”  (2 Cor. 4:4) 

Deadly Spirituality

THE FACT IS THAT Freemasonry’s deity is “The Great Architect of the Universe,” who can be worshipped by all men, whether Buddhist, Muslim, Hindi, professing Christian, Bahai, Mormon, etc.

In the 13th-degree of Masonry called the Royal Arch Mason, the secret name of Masonry’s deity is revealed as Jahbulon.  “Jah” is short for the Hebrew name for God, Jehovah.  “Bul” is a rendering of the name Baal.  “On” is the term used in the Babylonian mysteries to call upon the deity Osiris, also adopted by the Egyptians.  All of this is ritually performed to retrieve the supposedly lost name of God.  It was supposed to have been lost through the murder of the architect Hiram Abiff, during the building of Solomon’s Temple.  The true identity of the Masonic deity is given in the 17th-degree of the Scottish Rite, or the Knights of the East and West.  After completion of this initiation, the candidates are given the secret password “Jubulum” and the sacred word “Abaddon.”

This alone should make the Christian, if he’s real, at least question the motives of the organization, but at the 17th-degree most are already too far gone to have much of a conscience left.  The higher the degree of a member, the deeper into satanic rituals and worship he has to go.  

In the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, chapter 9 and verse 11, we are made aware they [demons from hell] have a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon.  Masonic members must swear oaths on a Bible and in the name of God, which involve mutilation and even murder of human beings.  One must ask, how perverted must one actually be to partake of this evil, to profane the true God and perform devilish acts and to blaspheme His name?  All Masons are linked in solemn, spiritual bondage to one another irrespective of individual members’ creeds.  Members are required to bow before altars of strange gods.  In fact, the higher order of the “Mystic Shrine” also requires a blood oath of submission sworn to the Islamic deity Allah: “…and may Allah, the god of the Arab, Moslem and Mohammdedan, the god of our fathers, support me to the entire fulfillment of the same, Amen, Amen, Amen.”   (Shrine Ritual Monitor, Allen Publishing, pp. 35-39 as quoted from Schnoebelen, William, Chick Publications, 1991, Masonry Beyond the Light, p.209)

All fraternities require their members to be in submission to something, whether it be a creed, ritual, or deity.  Members should address their leaders with titles like “Worshipful Master” and kneel before them.  What true Christian could even think of doing such a thing?  Masons teach that their members don’t need to fear the dangers of an everlasting hell.  The direct opposition to Scripture is astounding, yet most American Masons would argue that they are Christians, even in the light of the fact that they are forbidden to witness for Jesus to their fellow Lodge brothers.  Masons are taught that the improvement of the natural man will, in turn, bring spiritual power.

Ed Decker, in his booklet “The Masonic Lodge, What You Need to Know writes,” Freemasonry presents a perverse form of communion that claims it is the chief [Masonic] symbol of man’s ultimate redemption and regeneration.”  

            “The fraternal supper” is of “bread which nourishes, and of wine which refreshes and exhilarates, symbolical of the time which is to come, when all mankind shall be one great harmonious        brotherhood…And thus, in the bread we eat, and in the wine we drink tonight may enter into and form part of us the identical particles of matter that once formed parts of the material bodies called Moses, Confucius, Plato, Socrates or Jesus of Nazareth.  In the truest sense, we eat and drink the bodies of the dead; and cannot say that there is a single atom of our blood and body, the ownership of which some other soul might not dispute with us.” (Decker here quoted Albert   Pike’s Morals and Dogma, p. 539)

 As with all demonic activities, doctrinal teachings are spread also through auxiliary bodies within the organization.  For men it is the Shriners; for women it is the Order of the Eastern Star or the daughters of the Nile or the White Shrine; and for the youth the De Moley, Job’s Daughters and the Rainbow Girls.

In Conclusion

Many times, I’m asked: If all this is done behind closed doors and members are held to strict secrecy, how come this is in the open?  Good question but easy to answer.  Despite the difficulty of ever coming out of Freemasonry - especially after having spent, in some cases, decades, as well as second- and third-generation blood family members being indoctrinated - some people are reached by God and not only manage to come out but are used of the Lord to fearlessly tell the truth, having been on the inside and high ranking. God always has a remnant! Many high-ranking former Masons, such as Ed Decker and William Schnoebelen, who have received death threats and have been physically attacked and accosted, have nonetheless obeyed the voice of God to share their experiences no matter what.  For example: While a witch, William Schnoebelen studied hard to achieve the 32nd degree of Masonry.  But the higher he climbed, the more ungodliness he discovered.  Schnoebelen also served some 16 years in a Wicca organization.  (Chick Publications, 1991)

In Matthew 16:15 Jesus asked the most important question that can be asked of any man, woman, or child of the age of accountability: “But whom say ye that I am?” This is the crux of it all; who do we say Jesus is?  On the back cover of Schnoebelen’s book Masonry Beyond the Light we’re informed that “Here are the inside secrets of Masonry.  If you think a person can be a good Christian and a good Mason, you need the facts.  Did you know that: To be a Mason, you must first take an oath that is in reality a denial of Christ!” and “The father of modern Masonry said that ‘Lucifer is God!’”  (ibid) 

We note that Freemasonry is not only a religion but one that serves the devil in every shape and form.  It is, in its very secrecy, telling the truth about itself.  No conscientious true Christian would or could have any sort of dealings, much less obligatory obedience, to any such outrageous mind-sets and rituals as prescribed in all of Masonry’s history and as witnessed by their own extensive literature.

Leviticus 17:7 and Deuteronomy 32:16, 17 are a clear reference that the Lord God considers any and all worship that is not to Him idol worship, and all idol worship is devil worship.  The demons behind the idols draw energy from those in front of them on their knees in worship, and that energy goes to Satan himself who is exalted by this. This is the reason why spiritual idolatry is such an abomination to the Lord.  We cannot serve two masters! (Matt 6:24; Luke 16:13)