Biblical Duo's

What are they? How are they separate?  How are they united?

The Church & Israel 

One is one, the other is the other. There is no biblical precedent for combining Israel and the Church. The greatest danger to the local Church is always done under the banner of doing good! (The social false-gospel taught today can’t save.)

 While the difference between Israel and the Church is real, there is absolutely no reason to make claims of ecclesiastical superiority in a detrimental way to the nation of Israel as in super-cession-ism or replacement theology.  The prophets Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, and others tell a different story not to mention the Apostle Paul who clearly put that nonsense to shame in Romans 9-11.

Grace & Law

Two entirely different modes of the established Rule of Law.  Both were and are still united in that it takes faith to give them true meaning.  Faith had to be mixed with law keeping to justify the sinner (Heb 4:2) and right conduct has to be mixed with faith to justify the sinner.  "Faith without works is dead." (James 2: 17) Grace = charismata = gift.

The people were giving sacrifices thinking that they were the answer when all along it was faith in God. Now people think that faith alone is the answer when in fact it is right doing in living that proves our faith.  (Heb 10:6) No pleasure in sacrifices!

Paul said that we, the Church, confirm and establish the Law.  (Rom 3: 31)  This does not mean that the Law, as in the Law of Moses, is still in effect along- side grace.   We establish the law in that we agree that it was good, holy, righteous.  That the problem wasn't with the Law but with disobedience and faithlessness.  The dispensation of the Law was to teach the Jews that even law keeping wasn't enough to satisfy God's decrees. Partly because law keeping means keeping every little jot and tittle all the time and perfectly at that.

This is something men cannot ever actually accomplish.  The proof is all around us.  In fact, the Law gave power to sin because of the weakness of our flesh.  Romans 7:12 says that the Law is holy, and the commandment is holy, and just, and good.  Law points out and identifies sin to the tee.  Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross condemned sin in the flesh, He condemned law breaking. (Roman 8:3)

 This is why Christ Jesus is the Savior, He perfectly kept the Law, which was a must! In this perfect keeping of the Law, Jesus qualified Himself for the Cross, in order to pay for our sins. Had He not qualified, we would be without a Savior. Satan did his best to disqualify Jesus immediately after His anointing by the Father after His baptism by John the Baptist. (Mark 1:12, 13)

Kairos [clock = time] & Kronos [no clock = eternity]

This is one most difficult concept to understand.  Because we are stuck in time, any knowledge of or comprehension of a realm outside of that, with which we are most familiar, is hard to even accept.  No one knows more, than what we can glean from Scripture, concerning this phenomenon called time and the concept of eternity.

"For we look not to the things which are seen, but to the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." (II Cor. 4: 18) Time = The period between two eternities, according to (Strong's) although there is an order of events, there is no such  thing as the clock.

Yesterday and tomorrow, that is, the past and the future have not the significance nor the impact that those concepts currently have in our psyche. It is indeed very difficult for us to even imagine what some have termed, the "forever now", much less understand it, for this is what eternity represents. Still, the Bible is very clear that this eternity exists, and that it is the real thing, compared to what we perceive while existing in time.

 TRANSITORY & PERMANENCE - This is tied directly to the fact that the reality of the spirit world is that which is permanent, while the physical reality is temporary or transitory. Time has a beginning and an end – eternity does not, being outside of the realm of time, yet both are a reality, that is to say, they both have true existence. One is real in time, but will cease to exist, the other is eternal and has no beginning nor end because time has no influence or power on or over it.

Jesus' Humanity & His Deity

God revealed who He is, by expressing Himself in Creation and history, where the activity of the Logos was evident, but His person remaining veiled, until revealed through the Son in human form, which was no mere semblance, but actual flesh [sarks in Gr].  John could have used the word "man" - but he used "flesh" to state the truth of the incarnation so as to contradict those with Gnostic tendencies.  (In Gnosticism matter was considered evil, therefore God couldn't actually take on this flesh, this material body.) The denial that Christ has come in the flesh is the spirit of anti-Christ. (I John 4:3) Islam, which claims that God has no Son, in the Quran, and all other false teachings fit that bill.

It is not possible to overstate Christ's divinity; However, it is possible to understate His humanity. (Jacob Prasch)

This is why people believe that Jesus did the miracles because He was God.  The truth is that He never used His divine powers while walking the earth.  He did ONLY what the Father told Him and gave Him power to do.  Thus, He showed by example, how all of us need to trust God for peace of mind, as well as for doing the otherwise impossible, with God's power.  Of course, it goes without saying that this power only comes to those who obey God's will and who have been chosen to serve Him for certain tasks and therefore have a tight relationship with God.  God delights in this!

 Sonship according to the Bible, means that He [Christ] is destined to rule and that He is to be obeyed.  (Ps 2: 7-12) To kiss the Son is to pay homage to Him!

Saint & Sinner

A wider gap between two book ends could not possibly be imagined.  The fact that God separates the saint from the sinner in every instance in Scripture is so blatant, yet, many Christians don't have a correct understanding of the difference, or that there even is one.  For those who want to insist that sin isn’t real let them understand that the prevalence of death proves the existence of sin! Sin equals disobedience to Life, who is Christ Jesus, the Living Word of God!

In Genesis Abraham tells the epiphany of Christ that came to visit him, before proceeding to nuke Sodom and Gomorrah, that "far be it from" the God of the universe to treat the saint in line with the sinner.  In Revelation the saints and sinners are separated; at the Rapture the saints and sinners are separated.  One of the biggest misconceptions many believers have, lies in the fact that they've been taught that God only hates the sin, but loves the sinner.  This is not a biblical teaching!

The overwhelming answer one gets when discussing this from professing Christians is that God hates the sin but not the sinner.  Is this true?  Not according to the Bible.  In the first place no sin has any value without the sinner.  In fact, sin does not and cannot affect anything without the conduit of the sinner.  Sin is completely powerless without the agent to perform it.  It has no meaning by itself because it cannot be effectual!  {It’s an empty gun}

What about John 3:16 or Romans 5:8 where God commended His love toward us, and He did it while we were yet sinners?  This is easy because it's us the saints toward whom this love was commended not the sinner.  Having loved the saints while we were yet sinners is not the same as "loving" the sinner because we're not just talking the realm of time, we must include eternity.  Since we're all born sinners, it is obvious that a choice made for God is the only difference between saint and sinner, and that God's omniscience knows exactly when, in time, the saints becomes saints.  Before anyone comes to Him in repentance, the Love that He has, as opposed to the Love that He is, has already been commended to be on the saints.

 Re: John 3:16 This is speaking of the Love that God is corporately.  It could be termed His common love like that which makes Him rain on the just and the unjust (Matt. 5:45), like that what makes him give centuries of time to people groups in order for them to repent before he punishes them in judgment, like all the "ites" of Canaan, while Israel had to wait in Egypt before being able to go and take the Promised Land.  Also, like Jonah and the account with Nineveh speak of God giving time, in His mercy, in order for sinners in Nineveh to repent.

The distinction may best be expressed by realizing that God has love for the sinner to come to know Him, thus He paid everyone's sin debt, to prove His Divine desire, but He's not in love with one and all. Conversely, the saint is doubly blessed in this, because God has both, love for them as well as being in love with them on account of a very personal family relationship.

Only truly born-again individuals are His children, sinners are the children of the devil. (John 8:44) Completely different relatives.  First John 3:1 distinguishes the "manner" of love God has for His children verses those who are not.

First Timothy 2:4 says that God would have all men come to the knowledge of Him and be saved.  But are they?  Just because God wishes, wants, or desires it doesn't make it come to pass.  Man must also desire it, and come to God, and that, in God's prescribed way, that is, through Jesus! (John 10:9; 14:6; Acts 4:12)

God's common Love, that which He is, not just has, demands that the price paid  for mans sin guilt must cover everybody equally.  All are thus invited to choose Life, that is Him, who is this life.  But, only those who repent and choose this Life, those who gift their faith to God and His Gospel benefit from this corporate offer from God, who is  Love. (I John 4:8, 16) Love must be recognized as the noun that it is, as opposed to the verb people think of when they think love.

God's love is always and forever tempered by His justice and this is why He must ultimately hate those who never come to Him because they have rejected Love, Life, Righteousness, Holiness, etc. More importantly, this rejecting is not a mere one.  It is in fact a repudiation of God Himself, as well as all His attributes.  It's saying, " God You don't exist!!!"  This neither can, nor will ever be excused! God’s own Justice, which must stay intact, won’t allow it.

How is any sin going to manifest itself apart from a sinner?  The two cannot be separated except by the new birth in Christ.  God hates all impenitent sinners because they choose to remain rebellious.  They decide to never be in His camp!

Conversely, "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints." (Ps 116:15)

Psalm 119:118, 119 - in German Bible – David is speaking: Those who throw away God's commands He discards like trash.  [Du wirfst alle Gottlosen auf Erden weg wie schlacken; darum liebe ich deine zeugnisse." So Luther; "Wer dich verwirft, den wirfst du fort wie Abfall." Die Bibel: In Heutigem Deutsch]

God doesn't and His justice won't allow  for Him to say to the human sinner "I love you personally" but I hate the sin part of you, or the sin you are practicing, or the sin that forced itself on you, etc.    

Psalm 5:5, 6  - God hates all workers of iniquity. Notice He hates the workers not only the works of sin which they do. He abhors [hates] the  bloody and deceitful man.  (Psalm 11:5) The Lord's soul hates the wicked and him who loves violence.  Again, this speaks of the person not just what they do.  Psalm 146:8 says the Lord loves the righteous.  Does this automatically also say that He loves the sinners? NO!

First  John 3: 10 In this the children of God [saints] and the children of the Devil [sinners] are manifest.  A clear separation! Ezekiel 3:17–21 is clear on the difference between the saint and sinner.  David [who is loved by God] hated the congregation of evildoers. (Ps. 26:5)

When Jesus cried from the Cross, "Why have You forsaken Me"  He didn't cry Why have You forsaken the sin that's on Me.  Why, because the Bible says that He, Jesus became sin. The man Jesus became sin.  He didn't just have sin on Him.  If that's all there was to it, why did He, the Son of Man have to die? One cannot separate the sin from the sinner in us humans, except by the new spiritual birth, because sin constantly still plagues us!.  This is not to say that Christ Jesus was re-born, like the Word Faith crowd of false teachers claim, being Himself sinless He had no such need. However, sin itself could never have been nailed to the Cross apart from the man Christ Jesus.  Somebody had to pay for it with his life!

Some use Matthew 24: 13 to claim once saved/always saved.  They conveniently turn the words around to mean that those who are saved endure to the end.  Great, but that isn't what it says!  What is says is that those who endure make it to the end. The enduring comes first, not the other way around.  The notion that enduring means works and has to thus be eliminated  because we're saved by grace not by works is ridiculous. The enduring is the same as abiding, that is, continuing in the faith, no matter what.  Besides, we’re saved by faith and the corresponding works that necessarily must accompany faith to confirm it. (James 2:24)

Some have pointed out that Matthew 24 relates to the Tribulation remnant of Israel and therefore not the already raptured Church.  This is true eschatologically.  However, the concept of having to abide, whether Jew or Gentile, whether now, or during the Great Tribulation, remains a fact.  Everything in time, takes time!

Hebrews 10: 39 states that we [who remain in faith] don't belong to those who turn back to perdition - those who lose their soul - but to those who preserve their soul through faith.  Paul tells us that he has  fought his fight, stayed his course, kept the faith.  He continued in it, he didn't let go of it, he stayed the course. (II Tim 4:7) One can't "keep" anything apart from "endurance in time."

Daniel 4:35 has this interesting note to say "All the inhabitants [individual's]of the earth are reputed as nothing..." And Isaiah 40:7, "All nations [ethnic groups & their governments] before Him are as nothing And they are counted by Him as less than nothing and worthless."

The above in context refers to the fact that only God is God and that we can do nothing apart from Him.  What happens to sinners vs. saints is brought out also in Proverbs 3:31-35.  

There is a very clearly marked difference!!!

Ekklentic & Prevenient Grace

Prevenient-1) Preceding; hence preventative. 2) Antecedent; anticipatory; esp. in prevenient grace, grace operating on one's will before one turns to God. (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1960, p. 669)

Ekklentos = A quickening of the spirit. A spark of life, inherent in a dead, spiritual corps. A measure of spiritual life that is still in a person being made in God’s image. (Gen 1:26) It is a conviction a [shall be exposing - so the Greek].  To be convicted means to be exposed for what we really are.  When the Holy Spirit comes to "convict" the world, He comes to "expose" the world for what it really is. That spark of life that a person received from God, received it to be able to choose Jesus and His Gospel, in order to have the possibility to become born-again. This is why it is of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit who gives us the chance to manifest our desire to be saved.  Our desire/His enablement!

This desire, where does it come from?  If it comes from God, then why doesn't He give it to everyone, since He clearly wills that all men be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.     (I Timothy 2:4)  If desire comes from ourselves, our own volition, apart from God's direct intervention, can it be said that this "desire" is a work and thus salvation cannot be by grace?

Far from it.  Desire is extremely personal and must thus of necessity be a "condition" by which God judges as to who might be revived with this spark of life, this conviction. A dead spirit cannot act on  anything because it has no life.  Once this spark is stirred, it must be something on the order of "I want some more of this life, in fact, I want the fullness to which this spark points. There must be "life" from which faith can spring forth and become activated.  Desire alone, by itself is not the same as faith. 

Desire may be present, but faith comes by hearing the preaching of God's Word. (Roman 10: 17)

Some say that prevenient grace denies the ekklentic - that man can come to God without God's help.  I'm in agreement.  The dead can't produce any kind of life, much less Zoe life that comes from the spiritual new birth Jesus spoke of to Nicodemus. (John 3:3-6). We're dead in our trespasses and sins according to Ephesians 2:1, 5 and Colossians 2:13.  Quickened = made alive = suzoopoleo in Gr. = to reanimate conjointly Strong's #4806  To conjoin is to be joined together as in action or purpose; unite, combine. Reanimation means that there is something already there from the beginning but was not nurtured and is now near death.

Again, just like in the forgiveness of sins via I John 1:9, we see that an "agreement" with God is necessary for any Divine power to affect us for our good. In I John 1:9 it is homologeo [to agree with God].  In Ephesians 2:1, 5 and Colossians 2:13  it is a reanimation, a conjoining, that is a joining with, a coming into union with a favorable action empowered or enabled by God in response to our desire to be in union, or one with God.

in trespasses. . . sins--in them, as the element in which the unbeliever is, and through which he is dead to the true life. Sin is the death of the soul. Isa 9:2 Jhn 5:25, "dead" (spiritually), 1Ti 5:6. "Alienated from the life of God" ( Eph 4:18 ). Translate, as Greek, "in your trespasses," &c. "Trespass" in Greek, expresses a FALL or LAPSE, such as the transgression of Adam whereby he fell. "Sin." (Greek, "hamartia") implies innate corruption and ALIENATION from God (literally, erring of the mind from the rule of truth), exhibited in acts of sin (Greek, "hamartemata"). BENGEL, refers "trespasses" to the Jews who had the law, and yet revolted from it; "sins," to the Gentiles who know not God. [Jamieson, Faucett, Brown]

That it is not totally God alone, but also our choice to be led by God, is further demonstrated by W. E. Vine in defining the Greek  Ekklentos = Picked out, chosen, to gather. "While Christ's death was sufficient for all men, and is effective in the case of the elect, yet men are treated as responsible, being capable of the will and power to choose."  [Vine's p. 352] Election has for its object our obedience. 

“Election,” as in God’s elect, is always for service/reward and never for status! God doesn’t elect to consign somebody to heaven or hell, we do that by our choice for or against the Lord and His Gospel.

Male & Female

The basis of all family life on earth. Humanity operates on a system of energy that makes life multiply itself and correct mistakes and simultaneously it has a connection to the non-physical realm of the spirit.  In all the debates with God-less twits who love to boast about the self-realizing universe totally without any proof whatsoever, this fact still stands out, namely, we must have a mechanism that not only connects information but is the source of energy to accomplish work!

Life works.  Life is self-existent. Life is the truth. Life has self-sustaining power to be and to create. Life has all wisdom.  Life is the source of true justice, mercy and forgiveness. Life is Love. Life is eternal with no beginning and no end.  Life, while capable of being in time, isn’t hemmed-in by time. Life is in the realm of no time/clock.

 Whom we know as God has made Himself known as Father. In Father is the seed of life. The female in humans provides the right environment for the human seed to grow thus making them one in plurality. God doesn’t need such environment. We accept Him by faith!  No more proof could be given but that of biblical narrative, and especially that of  prophecy coming to pass without obscurity and without fail, and in the exact order as given.  No God?  No male or female.

True Biblical Love & True Biblical Hate

Love = based on God's justice and thus commanded or decreed by Him is "that intelligent love, which comprehends the difficulty of the enemy and seeks to rescue the enemy from his hate."(Matt 5:44) (Homer Kent) Biblical love as Jesus demands it in John 14:15 is "not primarily a sentimental attachment, it is the dynamic for obedience." (Everett Harrison) Also, in Phil 1:9 the Apostle Paul prays that their love may abound more and more in knowledge and discernment.  Here we have "love which must comprehend with accuracy and apply the truth with discrimination and ethical common sense." (Robert Mounce)  J. B. Phillips calls Jesus “God's unsentimental gift” [to us]. (Ring Of Truth, p. 91)

Love "does" just like faith "does" or it can't be substantiated.  If you love Me, keep My commandments." (John 14:15) Faith without works is dead" (James 2:17, 20)  So is love!

In contrast to biblical love, the world is taught that love is a river, it is never having to say you're sorry, it is a crazy little thing, and most of all love is never judgmental.  The Bible however informs us that love conquers all things, isn't envious, loves righteousness, doesn't seek to remember a wrong, never fails, etc.  (I Corinthians 13)

Biblical hate equals a turning from sin and unrepentant sinners in total and absolute disgust and displeasure.  Sin literally cannot exist in God's presence.  For the sake of humanity, His Creation, God turns from sin.  Sin will ultimately be eradicated and all impenitent sinners will be separated from the presence of God eternally in the Lake of Fire.  Since sin cannot be separated from sinners, except by the new spiritual birth that is made available through the Gospel, God clearly hates the sinners and not just their sin as is biblically demonstrated in Ps. 5:5,6; 11:5; 92:5-7; Prov 16:4; 11:20.  David, a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13: 22) hated the congregation of evildoers as recorded in Psalm 26:5.

 Being called or invited by the Lord is a demonstration of God’s love, but to actually partake of that love, one needs to turn from sinner to saint. The invitation to be saved from death, hell, and the grave or [eternal death], comes from a motive of pure love.  Demonstrated love should not be confused with just “being” loved.

Repentance & Forgiveness

True repentance must be in place first / forgiveness is possible only upon repentance.  "The word repentance involves much more than a turning away from a former practice.  It involves the beginning of a new religious and moral life." (Dr. A. Berkley Mickelsen, Blue p. 506)

This is where true repentance trumps remorse.  "Remorse is a sorrow for sin, but lacks the positive note in repentance." (Morris)

Repentance = negatively as in forsaking sin, and positively as in turning to a new life in Christ in morals and service.  It means to go back from where we've fallen and thus return to the highest position.  This "highest" position is to be in close personal relationship with the Most High God, Creator of the universe and all things, The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Biblical forgiveness is as little understood as biblical love by professing Christians all over the world.  For God's people, His disciples, being willing and ready to forgive is a command from which there is no turning back.

The problem is that it is misunderstood to mean that someone can just say I forgive that person and voila, all is well.  God forgave all of mankind by the Gospel.  Is all mankind safe from death, hell and the grave because God did that? 

NOOOOOO!!!  is the obvious answer.  So why not?  Because forgiveness and repentance must work together to be effective.  Is God satisfied with His forgiveness through the Cross as having accomplished His will that no one miss heaven?  (I Tim 2:4)   

Saying you forgive some wrong someone has done to you without that person coming to you in repentance is only half of the same coin.  No repentance, No forgiveness.  Of course, with us humans, many times  we have controversy with deciding and agreeing with one another as to  who is actually at fault and needs to repent and who was wronged and needs to forgive.

Not so with God, being perfect, He made the rules, we broke them, therefore we are responsible for asking for forgiveness by truly repenting.  Here too we see the great mercy of the Lord God in that He already paid for the sin debt in full.  What an assurance and proof of salvation in advance of our repentance.  In theory, and indeed by common sense, this should be welcomed by one and all and unequivocally accepted. 

Surely the Creator doesn't need to substantiate even more than He already has!  So why isn't everybody saved?  It's because in His wisdom the Lord already knew that true relational love can only come from a willing heart.  This is why He graciously imparted free will into all of us when He breathed the "breath of lives" [pl. so reads the Hebrew] into Adam. (Gen 2:7) 

Without true repentance no one gets saved because they cannot appropriate God's forgiveness without doing that which, essentially is our only duty, namely, to come back to the highest position of life instead of continuing to fall into deeper and darker death.

Forgiving someone who may have offended us somehow does give us personally a freedom from harboring and dwelling on something that might cause us to eventually fall into sin.  However, the situation has not changed for the offender.  His/her sins against us are still very much in force until they repent and ask for forgiveness in order for the whole coin to be washed clean.

 In as much as lies in us to remedy the situation, and that our part in this is secure in righteousness, it is most wise for us to forgive anyone of anything.  Just like no one gets saved without repenting to actually receive God's forgiveness, so no one gets cleared of a wrong just because we, on our end, have released them.  Without repentance the offender keeps him/herself in bondage to God.

Believers & Disciples

Believers still favor the self while disciples selflessly serve the Lord.  In contrast, unbelievers can't see God because they can't see, that is, know Christ, whether as Creator, Savior, Prophet, Priest, or soon coming King.

Unfortunately, this is also true for many professing Christians.  To them God is far off in some unreachable place called heaven where they hope to maybe, someday, if God is real, if heaven is real, and if they're good enough, and if the creek don’t rise, to finally be allowed in, somehow.

Mercy & Justice

Mercy if it is real, is of necessity based on justice. Justice if it's true, must be tempered with mercy.  Both operate under the common grace of God.  Contrary to popular conception, mercy is not letting someone "off the hook".  Justice must be served and upheld.  If mercy is given then a just reason must accompany it, totally absent of any violation of said justice.  With respect to the salvation of the soul only God could and did make this a reality through the Cross of Jesus Christ.

Spirit & Flesh

No anointing can ever touch the flesh or be mixed with it somehow.  Paul goes into some depth concerning the flesh and the spirit with a touch of law mixed in as Romans chapter 7 explains.  Here we find that the law is holy in verse 12, but in verse 14 we find that the law is also spiritual.

 The difference being that our flesh is the arm or conduit used by sin to animate its sinister actions. How does the spirit get to influence the flesh? What is the mechanism that binds the two? The mind is the answer. Thought of sinful behavior, however subtle, come via the mind, get transferred to the brain, which then instructs the bodily members to animate or do accordingly.  This then is the transfer point that connects spirit (sin) and soul (thoughts) to the body (brain).

Judaism & Christianity

Christianity is not an extension of Judaism but a brand-new economy, rule of law, or dispensation of obedience.  True Judaism, that is, the Judaism practiced by Moses, the prophets, and Jesus was based on the Law given to Israel at Mount Sinai.

 True Christianity is what the Law pointed to but could never attain, because of the weakness of the flesh.  The final sacrifice for all sin, for all men, for all time, had to be made.  Only God Himself qualified to not only provide this sacrificial Lamb, but to be this sacrificial Lamb. He is the just Who is simultaneously also the Justifier of sinful humanity. (Romans 3:26)

Disobedience & Conformity to God's Law's

"Obedience is better that sacrifice" (I Sam 15:22). To the question, What is the greatest thought ever to enter into the mind of man? Daniel Webster answers, "Our responsibility toward our Creator!"         

 Obedience is followed by revelation!  Our Shepherd protects from dangers, but we have to obey the voice.   This only concerns His sheep!

Conscience & Knowing Right from Wrong

To give truth in its simplicity is to have a clear conscience!  We're told in Scripture that there are those who have seared their consciences. (I Timothy 4:2) This verse also says that these are hypocrites, who speak lies.

If we want to have a clear conscience, we must stick to the truth.  It should be noted though that not all things are for all people. Not everyone can handle some truths. Speaking the truth here must mean speaking things in relation to, and for the purpose of, the welfare and betterment of an individual, especially where their souls might be in danger, quite literally. 

 No one having "good conscience" could want or desire to have someone go to hell, or needlessly suffer in some way, shape, or form.  Biblical Love must be the sole motivation for the one with a "good conscience".   (con = with + science = knowledge)

Zoe Life & Apollumi Death

Apollumi death means the total destruction of the usefulness of someone or something; not annihilation or cessation of the someone or the something. (Luke 19:10) re: that which was lost; (Matt 9:17) re: old wineskins.

Irenaeus, a direct disciple of Polycarp, who was a direct disciple of John the Apostle, taught quite vigorously, “that which was created cannot be uncreated”. (Against Heresies) So much for the lies of so-called Jehovah’s Witnesses, who believe in the unbiblical notion of soul annihilation. Irenaeus also vigorously wrote against the J W’s hero, from whom they got their perverted doctrines, a well-known heretic in the 2nd century named Marcion, who himself perverted the gospels, so Irenaeus. (ibid, Book I, Ch 27)

Zoe life on the other hand, is the absolute perfect and total completeness of being. This is all happening in God's Kingdom with His full blessing and total support.

 The principle of moral defilement is where it all starts for someone who has turned from the Lord Jesus.  It is always spiritual long before it becomes physical.  The word defile in biblical terms means to make common, profane, unclean, that is, no longer holy or separated unto God.  To offend as in Matthew 18:6 means to harm the faith of one of the little ones.

Salvation & Damnation

Saved from what? From eternal death, hell and the grave. Instead, eternity will be spent with God in all His splendor and glory.  There is only one way to get to that place, namely acceptance by faith, a firm trust in and belief, concerning the death of Jesus the Christ on the Cross of Calvary, His subsequent burial and glorious resurrection  

Damnation is what? An eternal separation from God. It is the result of having snubbed God who is the Truth in this space, time, dimension on earth.  It is a denial of Him who is Life and Truth, and the Creator of the universe. To be damned is to be sentenced to an eternity in the Lake of Fire, a place originally created for the devil and his angels.  (Matt 25:41; Rev 19 – 21)

Salvation in the New Testament is described as:

  1. Past - we were saved /justified - Aroist (past) tense in the Gr. (II Tim 1:9; Titus 3:5)
  2. Present - are being saved - Sanctification - present tense in Gr. (I Cor 1:18; 15:2; II Cor 2:15)
  3. Future - will be saved - Glorification - Future tense in Gr. (Rom 5:9,10; I Cor 3:5; II Tim 4:18)
  4. Completed - definitely saved - Life with God -  Perfect tense in Gr. (Eph 2:5-8)

Satan doesn't care if we get justified, only glorified. It is in sanctification that he can steal the word from us, and thus weaken, or destroy our faith. (Mark 4: 4) 

Damnation is described in the Bible as an eternal separation from God, who is Life.  There will be suffering of some description also eternal, that accompanies this separation. 

There is no cessation of locality. All sinners will be resurrected to appear before the Great White Throne of God's justice to be sentenced to the Lake of Fire.

This is where the "apollumi" comes in.  Appolumi means a destruction or ruination rather than annihilation.   It is the total destruction of the usefulness of someone or something.

"The gospel includes an announcement of the coming judgment of both the living and the dead by the resurrected Christ Jesus, and the offer of the forgiveness of sins to all who will believe in Him."  (George E. Ladd, Wycliff Commentary, p. 420)

Praise & Worship

A hymn of praise is a poetic statement of true doctrine!  A mindset of humility and of being grateful in all sincerity is required for the best possible achievement of personal communion with God.  Help me actually "do" this Lord should be our attitude!!! That there is no doxology without theology is a fact when considering the praise which belongs to God.

Gold & Money

Physical gold owned is debt-free money worldwide!  At this time, the so-called modern era, gold is undervalued because of the overvalued stock prices.  This stock bubble is only an assumed value will soon burst and many will lose their fortunes and retirements. This rollercoaster ride has been the misfortune of many, especially those who would be rich at any cost.

Dollars and other currencies including the IMF's SDR's are pure fiat, meaning decreed or ordered bank IOU notes. They are manufactured out of nothing of value and substance but are perceived as actual money.  Since a stock value is denominated by one of the major currencies US Dollars, the Euro, the Yen, The Swiss Frank, The British Pound Sterling, and now the Chinese Yuan beginning in October of 2016, all of which are created fiat, there is only air and nothing substantial like physical gold backing them up, the volatility of the whole stock market globally is enormous. Because it’s all based on trust in a fallen world, it has no choice but to bust!

 This has happened many times but the powers that be, constantly re-write the rules that have so far, kept it afloat for the time being, albeit always with a false value attached to it.  This will soon come to an end because the absolute last re-write will be with the demand for everyone to have the Mark of the Beast in order to buy or sell anything.  In common sense practical terms: "When your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep becomes your downfall,"

The Truth & The Lie

These two concepts is really all there is in this life. It's all about which one will we believe.  The Truth is God Himself, (John 14: 6) and the lie is perverted truth begun by Satan from the beginning - soon after he was created. (John 8: 44)

Satan was filled with pride in himself, being the most beautiful creature created by the LORD. He set out to be like God Himself on equal terms. "I will be like El- Elyon [the Most-High God]. (Is 14:14)

Truth exists all by Himself. The lie is perverted truth, it cannot exist without truth to pervert.  Truth was first and is eternal.  Truth has no beginning nor end, as we imagine them, knowing only the concept of time as in past, present, and future. Truth cannot be destroyed for it is the very Life of everything.

Pontius Pilate looked at the Truth, Who is Jesus Christ, “I Am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes to the Father but by Me.” (John 14:6)  In this statement is a clear admittance of being God, the great I AM. We have to decide whether this is the truth or not.  Either Jesus spoke of Himself in truth, or He was a liar! Which is it? Everyone must personally decide!

The beauty for all men is, that not only did He make the claim verbally, He proved it by healing the sick, casting out the lying devils, and raising the already physically dead back to life again. More eyewitness testimony from friend and foe is not possible than what has been recorded not just in the Bible but in secular history as well.

Only God has that power! But it gets better, Jesus willingly allowed Himself to be cruelly crucified in order to take on Himself all the sins of the world, and thus make a just and legal payment to His Father for the disobedience of Adam and Eve at the beginning.

 In this anti-Christ world system, truth has three powerful enemies. A) Education = Indoctrination to certain demonically designed ideologies about life and the hereafter. B) Social Programs = Dependence on the State through entitlements.  C) Environmental Protection = The stealing of private property rights via international treaties such as GATT, NAFTA, etc.

Special Creation & Darwinian Evolution

There is only one of two possibilities: either we and the universe were created by God, or everything that exists realized itself somehow over billions of years. There is no third option!!!

The earth is the only place created by God to be inhabited.  (Isaiah 45:18)  The result of either possibility in the psyche of humanity is interesting to note as Dr. Carl Baugh has written in “Against All Odds”, “The fact is that Creation offers a plausible scientific model that is in harmony with every known law of the sciences, many of which are found in the scriptures.  Evolution on the other hand, is poised against impossible odds and its justification exists only in the minds of those unwilling and too proud to admit the truth, despite the fact that evolution suspends the laws of science, like cause and effect, conservation of mass and energy, entropy, bio-genesis, DNA self-repair, lethal mutation damage, and even comes against provable observations with unbelievable suppositions. …”

All of this has deeper consequences than just physiological and cosmological issues. It involves the very souls of men. Basically speaking, our souls consist of our minds, wills, and emotions.  The spiritual nature of mankind is indeed at stake. Carl Baugh continues:

“… The bottom line is that evolution leaves us with a false understanding of who we are.  It leaves us with a questionable identity, an uncertain past, a meaningless present and a hopeless future.  Whereas, creation leaves us with the truth of who we are. We have an identity with great value, an origin with created design, an existence with a meaningful purpose and a future with unlimited hope.” (Quoted in “Condemned To Hell”, W. Hartwich, pp.58, 59)

In “The Physics of Immorality”, Frank Tipler, who wasn’t a Christian has stated, “… the central claims of Judeo-Christian theology are in fact true, that these claims are straight forward deductions of the laws of physics as we now understand them.  I have been forced into these conclusions by the inexorable logic of my special branch of physics.” (Frank J. Tipler, NY: Double Day, 1994, p. ix).

There are so many reputable scientists who, over the years, have completely debunked the lie of Evolution that it is astounding to think of it as viable at all.  Equally eye opening is the fact that it has prospered in the minds of humanity, which is proof positive that the devil is having his heyday, as scripture says he must, in controlling the mind of this world.

 Whose report will you believe? Two opposing views cannot simultaneously be right!

Faith & Works

Faith without works is dead. (James 2:17; 20)   Works without faith also is dead. (Hebrews 4:2)  Here we have an example of the Gospel having been preached to those Jews before the Cross, but because they didn't trust God or His Word [Promises] it did them no good - The preaching of God's Word, though Spirit and Life (John 6:63) was dead to them. 

It isn’t possible to work for salvation! God alone did all the design, and carried out all tasks required for saving mankind from death, hell, and the grave, including taking on flesh, as, in becoming a man.  He who does not believe that Jesus Christ [Savior anointed of God] came in the flesh, is of the spirit of anti-Christ, (Rom 9:5; I John 4:2) Salvation must be received by faith, which is substantiated with corresponding works, that is, the doing of the faith we claim to have.

James goes so far as to question if faith does not have works is such a faith able to save? The obvious answer is no, it cannot, being unsubstantiated and therefore dead. Then he tells us that we are saved by works. (Jas 2:14; 24) Of course, the works are done because of having been saved, not to try to somehow get there by doing stuff.

 True faith in God for our salvation will produce the works that accompany salvation. In contrast, trying to do enough good to get there, does not and cannot work, for it is God’s doing in the first place.  Our works at self-righteousness are as filthy rags to God. The Hebrew expresses it as “filthy menstrual rags”. That ought to paint the picture! Through the sinless Christ Jesus is the only way to be saved. (John 14:6)

Major & Minor

The world of professing Christians say "Oh, just major on the majors and minor on the minors."  This is done to supposedly keep "Christians" from in-fighting.  It may be a nice little "jingle" to some, but to God it is complete trash.

Jesus Himself stated in Matthew 23:23, "Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites! For you pay tithe of mint and anise and cumin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice and mercy and faith.  These you ought to have done, without leaving the others undone."  

According to God Himself, all must be done as He has prescribed and commanded it.  God's major ones are mentioned throughout the Scriptures such as in Jeremiah 9:24, "But let him who glorifies glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising loving kindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight, says the LORD." 

 Another example is Zechariah 7:9 which declares, "Thus says the LORD of Hosts: Execute true justice, Show mercy and compassion everyone to his brother. There is no major vs. minor!

Binding & Loosing

Have to do with Apostolic authority.  They defined New Testament doctrines.  Since the canonization of the Scriptures this process is complete.  For instance, the Apostles outlawed or bound the consumption of blood in Acts 15:20.

They were the only ones appointed by God to do this.  The Roman Catholic Mass and trans-substantiation were thus outlawed by God through the Apostles since they claim to partake of the actual blood of Christ, this is no less than cannibalism.

Luo = loose in Greek and Deo = bind in Greek.  The Hebrew terms are Ketir = to allow and Assur = to forbid.    These are all juridical terms. In Luke 11:52 Christ took the keys of doctrinal authority  from the Sanhedrin and conferred them to the 12 Apostles, except of course, Judas Iscariot, whose place was given to Matthias in Acts 1:26.

This binding and loosing of Satan that we see especially in so-called charismatic TV preacher’s circles is garbage.  No Christian has such authority and the Devil just laughs at these simpletons  who think they can command him by "binding" using words  like God does in the spirit world.  They also loose holy angels, so they think, by the speaking of those words.

 Even all of the 613 commandments of the so-called Law of Moses could be broken to save your life or the life of another with 3 exceptions.  1) No Idolatry 2) No sexual perversion 3) No murder.  Binding and loosing, was established in the beginning of the Church, but is over! There’s no need to repeat!

Heavenly Citizenship & Earthly Citizenship

Heavenly citizenship "only" is the citizenship of true Christians.  Everywhere the Bible talks of a place of belonging, a place whose leader is Jesus the Christ, a place where His dictates are followed to the tee, a place that was not built with human hands, but built by the Lord Himself. 

It was this place that was sought by the patriarchs of the Old and New Testaments.  It's citizens who are assigned to earth for the time of their physical lives are described as sojourners, strangers, aliens and pilgrims.  This earth not being their home!

Thus, they long to be home.  They travel as light as they can to have nothing to impede their journey.  They are just walking through without any intention of staying, that is belonging to, this world.

Jesus plainly told Pontius Pilate that His Kingdom [not His Democracy] was not of this world, and that if it were, His followers would fight to free Him.  (John 18:36)  In James 2:5 we have the reiteration of the promise of the Kingdom to all of God's servants.

Any and all those who claim to be actual born-again, that is justified, children of the living God who place their trust in The USA or any nation, and believe that their candidate is the answer to our many social and geo-political problems have misplaced their focus and are actually helping Satan set up his anti-Christ system. It's currently called DEMOCRACY, which means rule by the people or the people rule, neither of which is actually true, because the fact is, “The rich rule over the poor and the borrower is servant to the lender.” (Prov 22:7)

In today's societies, that would be all of them, we have only the repudiation of the Word of God, not the acceptance of it, nor the longing after it, nor the desire to even think about the possibility of God as sovereign ruler over people.

Instead, there is the strong attitude that we are our own gods who continue to evolve towards higher and higher planes of existence.  They want to be left alone by those pesky idiotic Christians who believe in an outdated bunch of nonsense from an outdated book that is full of judgment and even hatred.

These godless individuals are under the delusion of being free.  They have a self-willed citizenship with an absolute loyalty to the State.  This is right where the State, controlled by Satan, wants them.  It doesn't get any sadder than for professing Christians to get stupid, though thinking they are spiritual, by elevating candidates and political parties and entrusting to them their earnest hopes for a better life.

What part of," this world is gonna burn" don't they get? (Nahum 1:5; II Peter 3:10) The Christians task is to be a witness for Christ while we await His evacuation of us via the rapture of the saints.  This world is not our "home", we are but ambassadors in a strange land and long for our permanent home built by God Himself, personally, for each and every one of us.


Concerning the argument of once saved/always saved - or not:

Because we're clearly saved by grace through faith (Eph 2:8) it is clear that only someone in faithongoing faith - has the assurance of salvation.

The question then becomes, is one saved the moment he/she believes? YES!

Now another question arises. Does this initial coming to faith guarantee the he/she will make heaven when their physical lives, comes to an end? (Not in and of itself.)

Another question comes on the scene at this point. Is the faith professed at the very first still in place, and in fact maturing, after a number of years? (Depends on the individual - maybe yes/no) (Heb 6:1, 2)

Still another question.  Can a person truly come to faith and then give it up? (Mark 4:15-20; Rom 11:18-23; I Cor 15:2; Gal 5:4, 7; I Tim 2:15; Heb 3:6; 10:39; Rev 3:3) (These verses clearly teach that losing salvation because of neglect is not only possible but a biblical fact in context.)

Another question. Doesn't the Bible teach that God keeps and makes sure the believer stays safe? (No! - The only way to have confidence in salvation is through faith, which we personally must gift to God. God only "keeps" those who are current in faith! (I Pet 1:5) - "Who are kept by the power of God through faith".) I’ve heard OS/AS preaching where the last half of this verse was omitted. Many Christians don’t know that it is about continuing therein. OS/AS cannot demonstrate commitment!

Any other personal relationship in life is nowhere without true commitment on the part of all parties involved. The personal relationship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that true biblical Christianity is, as opposed to merely a religion, can only be gaged by serious commitment in the realm of time. Everything in time, takes time!

It is our job to come to faith and stay there, what the Bible calls abiding, which means to come and stay - no going back and forth - hence (Heb 6:4-6).

Question:  is a backslider saved?  {Yes! but on very shaky ground like the Galatians.  It is one thing to back-slide, that is, to become sloppy about the doing part of the faith (Jas 2:14) and quite another to turn one's back on God, once they have come. To not only quit doing works of faith, but to leave the very faith for which, this undergirding and corresponding was necessary.

“Now faith is the substance [better transl. assurance] of things hoped for, [biblical hope = earnest and intense expectation] the evidence of things not seen.” (Heb 11:1 KJV)

Read: Now faith is the assurance of things earnestly and intensely expected, the evidence of things not seen.

Remember that biblical faith is translated from the Greek term [pistis], which includes knowledge, agreement, and trust in God, not someone or something else.  All three aspects must be in place simultaneously in order to have true faith.

Calvinism teaches one cannot lose, leave, or turn from God because He chose you and there is nothing you can do to thwart His decision. (Calvinism is a false teaching altogether. Its god is not The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.)  

Don’t be deceived!!! Trust only God’s Word as you study it for yourself and receive confirmation from the Holy Spirit of God who is our teacher and Who will help us bring to mind all that Jesus taught.

One last note.  I’m sorry to say that many bastard versions of the true Bible have been circulated in the last 40 -50 years.  Be careful what you’re reading.

For English readers I recommend, (KJV)the King James Version, (NKJV) the New King James Version, (AMPLIFIED) - The Amplified Bible published in the 1960’s, (NASB) - the New American Standard Bible.

Stay away from the Queen James Version – fashioned and changed to favor the perversion of homosexuality, the Message, by Eugene Peterson - a New Age heretic, the Renovare’ Version – favors NEW AGE and Fantasy ideologies. Anything published by Freemasonry, many versions that came out decades ago especially for teen-age and college-age youths. These all, and of course many more, are perversions of actual Scripture.