Walt Hartwich is the pastor and conducts Sunday services and weekly Bible studies.

Pastor Walt and Jill, his wife of 34 years, are both graduates of Victory Bible Institute and served in a leadership capacity with various ministries as well as having conducted a prison ministry at a male juvenile facility in Logansport, IN  for over 13 years.

Walt has been recognized as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ through various churches. He is the founder of The Narrow Gate Ministry, which came about as a result of a strong desire in Walt to help the body of Christ become more aware and thus informed concerning the misinformation and outright lies that are presented as biblical truth in today’s postmodern culture.

Walt, a former businessman, served as a course instructor at Calvary Chapel Bible College in Indianapolis, Indiana, for seven semesters, teaching Cults & World Religions, Eschatology, and several books of the Bible.

Over the years Walt and Jill have attended cult and various ecumenical/New Age meetings in the course of researching what the official writings and practices of these groups are. He has authored a booklet titled When to Turn the Other Cheek and has written instructional articles for martial arts magazines. He also authored the books:  Condemned to Hell: Why Intelligent Men Believe and Follow Doctrines of Demons, copyrighted in 2002 and The Success of Lawlessness: The Professing Church, The World, and Antinomianism, copyrighted in 2013. Walt’s articles have appeared in the local newspaper, The Lafayette Journal and Courier, in the 1990's as well. The couple has been sharing in the fields of creation evidences, eschatology, and cults and world religions for over 28 years.

Currently, Walt and Jill keep busy studying the Word, and researching “church” trends and cult advances into “Christianity” via modern culture, which has abandoned the Judeo-Christian ethic and has opted to embrace Hinduism and all other Eastern as well as ancient Western pagan beliefs, customs, and practices.

C.S. Lewis has rightly claimed "There are only two belief systems in the world, Christianity and Hinduism, and the latter is found in all other systems."

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