The Berean Way Fellowship

"Know what you believe and what you don't believe!"

Purpose & Mission

The Berean Way Fellowship (TBWF) is an independent, evangelical church searching and examining the scriptures, believing and teaching the doctrine of Jesus Christ found in the whole of the  66 books of the Bible – Old & New Testaments.

The Berean Way Fellowship is a small house church, conducting regular weekly Sunday services and mid-week Bible studies.

TBWF publishes a quarterly newsletter titled, The Narrow Gate Update, (NGU) containing articles on many biblical subjects, as well as, appropriate political and historical insights. We continue studying the Word and researching “church” trends and cult advances into “Christianity” via modern culture, which largely has abandoned the Judeo-Christian ethic and has opted to embrace Hinduism and all other Eastern, as well as, ancient Western pagan beliefs, customs, and practices.

TBWF through NGU has been called to expose occult practices and deceptions by cults and false religions including false teachers, to the churched and unchurched, citing Colossians 2:4, 8, 9 & 10, and Ephesians 5:11; also, to teach Creation evidences and eschatology—the study of End Times.


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